Head Down Sculpture By Lee Forester

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Artist Lee Forester. 'Head Down' Artwork Image, Created in 2020, Original Sculpture Wood. #art #artist
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Lee Forester


Head Down

Size - (USA):
20 W x 17 H x 42 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
7.9 W x 6.7 H x 16.5 D (inches)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

Based on a live model in my studio, I carved this timeless pose from a single block of English Lime-Wood. I find that the natural beauty of wood complements the soft curves of the feminine figure perfectly and the smooth finish invites the viewer to caress the sculpture, my photos don t do justice to how appealing this sculpture is to the touch. Mounted on a cast concrete base whose rough texture contrasts with the wood and gives this sculpture a modern twist. Note: This sculpture can be easily removed from the concrete base and displayed as just the carved wood if preferred . Being carved by hand with traditional tools each sculpture is completely unique. Both the wood sculpture and the concrete base are signed by the artist and a Certificate of Authenticity is provided with this sculpture.
Artwork Keywords:   Nude, Female, Beauty, Wood, Modern, Concrete, Sculpture, Original Sculpture
Materials:   Wood Sculptures

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