Peony In Full Bloom Sculpture By Nolan Yang

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Artist Nolan Yang. 'Peony In Full Bloom' Artwork Image, Created in 2019, Original Sculpture Wood. #art #artist
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Nolan Yang


Peony In Full Bloom

Size - (USA):
22 W x 26 H x 3 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
8.7 W x 10.2 H x 1.2 D (inches)
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Artwork Description:

These patterns patterns of peony are part of the traditional patterns appreciated by Chinese residents. With their rich and full shapes and bright colors, they enjoy a special place in the hearts of our people. As a symbol of the national spirit, it incorporates the aspirations of a better life and the aspirations of the people, implying the prosperity and long history of the Chinese nation. Peony is very good and can symbolize China s blessing. Peony is a special product of our country and is known as the national flower. In the 8th century AD, Chinese peony spread from Chang an and Luoyang to Japan. European and American countries called it Chinese Flower and Tiandu Shenhua. Nowadays, rose varieties from all countries have peony blood.
Artwork Keywords:   Wood Carving Ideas, Wood Carving Gifts, Chinese, Original Sculpture
Materials:   Wood Sculptures

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