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Since 1995 World Wide Arts Resources / absolutearts.com has offered great opportunities to contemporary artists to showcase, sell, promote and market their art online via our artist portfolio / artist website program. Many contemporary artists start with a Free Artist Portfolio to get a feel for the portfolio programs. Artists can upgrade to the mid level or even the Premiere Level whenever you want to. First, learn about the effectiveness of absolutearts.com online artist portfolios. We offer every artist the opportunity to promote their artwork via an artist website. We are bringing together artists, galleries, collectors and of course buyers! Our emphasis is to sell your quality original artwork to clients worldwide. Yet, we also offer every artist the opportunity to sell their art as fine art prints, gallery canvas prints through our print on demand system. Your commitment and artistic professionalism will play a large role in your success. We offer you the tools to excell your artistic career. Choose 'em and use them via absolutearts! For the last 22 years artists have always asked us a few questions and we have included the most frequent ones below...

Getting Started Artist Portfolio:

Selling Your Artwork

Legal Questions

It's easy to get started with your artist portfolio. All you need to do is choose the level of artist portfolio you want and click on "SIGNUP". We ask you to fill out a form accept our User Agreement and you are ready to go. It is important that you use as detailed information as possible. Do enter your cell number and a valid email address because if you don't get can't get in touch with you and artists lose sales this way more frequently than you think. If we can't get in touch with you - we don't have a choice but to remove your artwork. We don't sell your information or share it with others; it's only to get a hold of you.

Here are some pointers for you to think about: You will have to choose a login for your portfolio. Your login will also be part of your portfolio web address. For example if you choose login: "painter" your portfolio address would be http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/p/painter. Shorter addresses are available and will become the norm in 2016. We suggest that you use your first and last name, i.e. Heather Smith would have her login as: heathersmith.

We will of course ask you for your email address: Use an email address that you use very frequently. If you have your own domain already don't use info@yourdomain.com because we can guarantee - you won't be reading the info mailbox for long. If you use a third party/free email solution, we suggest gmail because they actually deliver. Services like Yahoo or Hotmail and some others don't deliver reliably. Thus the chance of you missing sales and sales inquiries are high.

You want exposure and sell artwork? That's what you use your artist portfolio for. It's important that you regard your artist portfolio as part of your marketing effort and use it to promote your art. Regard your artist portfolio as a living plant. If you water it and maintain it it will grow and flower. If you only water it once and only upload one artwork it will wither.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. After 20 years on the Internet we have some insights, and here are some basic pointers: You have to regard your artist portfolio as part of your entire marketing process. Use it as part of yourself whenever you think about selling your art. Tell others about it, show them your artist portfolio, include the portfolio address in your email signature. Work on it and use it. It's up to you how much you use it. Even if you think, I don't know how to do that - start small and grow from there. Any artist can effectively learn how to promote their artwork and be successful. It won't happen overnight and there will be sunny and cloudy days, but constant effort will make it a success!

Be as accurate as possible. Upload as much artwork as you have. You can include all current and past artworks that you have for sale, sold artworks, artworks that you just created, artworks that are not for sale; the more detailed information you include the better. Many artists don't even bother to upload an artist statement/biography or past exhibition history, collections, art show reviews - what do you think that is going to do to your artistic career?

So, upload as much artwork as your portfolio level allows and be accurate when uploading images of your artwork. We ask you to upload one work at a time, because without your accurate input we don't know the size, the weight, the price, medium, theme, etc... It will take a little time and some dedication to do this. If you don't make the effort - what is it going to be worth - NOTHING!

Familiarize yourself with the artist portfolio. Just like any type of software or program it will take a little time to get familiar with it. It's pretty straight forward and if you have questions try to figure it out or ask us.

We could write multiple books on artists' successful use of internet sites. Just take the splash with an artist portfolio at absolutearts.com and see what you can do with it. Don't expect us to do all the work for you. Yes, there are many other sites out there but no other site will do it for you either. Be realistic! We are one of the oldest artist websites on the internet that has been going strong and has been successful for many, many artists. We are not one of those flashy new sites that are gone in a year or two because they burnt through all their investor money. Our track record shows - we are here to stay!!!

Of course it's important to share your artwork via all kinds of social media and we encourage to promote your artwork via social media chanels we offer access to in your artist portfolio.

It's your commitment to your art that will matter in the long run!

You can always try the help section first and if you can't figure it out you can always contact us at help@absolutearts.com or via telephone at 646-455-1425. We are here during regular business hours Eastern Standard Time, USA.

We offer, you the artist, the opportunity to sell your contemporary original artworks via absolutearts.com and offer each of our artists the opportunity to sell Print On Demand Open Edition Artworks via wwar.com. Although, absolutearts.com started out by selling original artworks over the last few years we have also been offering Print On Demand (POD) opportunities for artists. POD artworks are fulfilled by our trusted, highest quality third party printers and shipped directly from the printer to the client. Original artworks are sold via absolutearts.com and shipped directly from the artist's studio to the client. After 22+ years of selling original art online, we know that each artist understands her/his artwork the most. Thus, they know what it takes to securely package and ship their artwork. Yes, other companies offer complete turn key service or include shipping in the price but you as the artist and the client will pay for it and it won't be cheap. We understand that each artwork sale is a very indivdual transaction that needs very careful consideration and attention. absolutearts.com, unlike many others, does NOT treat your artwork like mass merchandise or a pair of cheap shoes, period! We value your artwork for what it is - a great artistic creation that maybe hard to part with from your perspective - but if a client wants to give it a new home - what else can be better?

It's very easy to sell your artwork via absolutearts.com. First of all make sure that the artwork you want to sell is actually available, completed and has not sold in the past. It's great to include sold artworks but make sure to update each one to "Sold". After you sign up and agree to our Sales Agreement, you can start selling your own artworks. We do NOT accept third party artworks and all of the artwork that you make available for sale must be your artwork that you have created and hold copyright for.

Once you have reviewed and signed our Sales Agreement all you need to do is upload your available artwork to your artist portfolio price it correctly and you are in business and ready to go!

This is an interesting questions that also comes up quite frequently. At absolutearts.com you can price your original artwork the way you see fit. Each artist prices their own artworks at the level that he/she believes it should be priced at. Experienced artists will have little problem with deciding what to price their artwork at. However, lesser experienced artists may have a problem deciding. Pricing should be done with careful considertion and keep in mind that if you over price your artwork it won't sell; if you underprice it it may also not sell because the client might think it's to cheap to be worth anything. Pricing comes from past exhibitions, past sales in your artist career, what galleries have set your prices at and also what you have experienced at what sells when. We cannot give you a pricing structure for your original artwork, but do take a look around absolutearts and see how other artists have priced their works if it's similar to yours. It will give you an idea of what you should price your artwork at.

The main point here is that you should do a little research and it's always better to be a little low than too high. Make sure to keep your pricing at an even level, don't change it every week or month, or up and down the prices of your artworks, it makes clients nervous and won't result in a sale.

Once again, we cannot overstate how important it is to keep your artist portfolio up to date. If you sold an artwork at absolutearts.com we will update your artwork as sold, but of course since we are not an exclusive site we don't know when you sell another work somewhere else. Thus, once that happens just login to your artist portfolio and mark your work as sold. Don't delete the work, just update it to sold. It shows potential clients that you sell your artwork and shows what has sold in the past.

If you don't keep your inventory up to date, you will lose sales at absolutearts.com. Imagine that a client orders an artwork from you and it has sold in the past but you did not update your artwork to "Sold" - the client will walk away from your artwork and you have lost not just this sale but potentially many sales... think about it!

If you are interested in our legal information, feel free to click on any of the links below. If you have any other legal questions such as copyright questions or claims use the contact information above.

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