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Tom S. Hageman, Libuse Mikova, Revaz Verulidze offering original Tapestries artworks.

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Tom S. Hageman: 'jealousy', 2013 Tapestry Art, Biblical.  the seven deadly sins ...
, 2013
Biblical - Tapestry Art
100 x 80 cm (39.4 x 31.5 inches)
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Libuse Mikova: 'Selfportret  ', 1992 Tapestry Art, Portrait. The selfportrait is portrait of Liba Mika in several levels in landscape.Material is pure and synthetic wool, gold string, cotton.  weaving, vertical loom, syntetic colors, after cartoon behind the wrap, handmade.  The first step is sketch on the paper in Prague studioContact121.  Westfields, St.  Albans AL34JR,Herts, England, ...
Portrait - Tapestry Art
90 x 90 cm (35.4 x 35.4 inches)
Libuse Mikova: 'The Wedding', 1994 Tapestry Art, Figurative. The Wedding is about wedding ceremony in the gothic cathedral St.  Mary of Tyn in Prague1365, during my drawing lessons with my student Wenceslav HusakMaterial pure wool and synthetic wool, cotton, colors syntetic.  weaving, handmade, after cartoon behind the vertical loomContact121.  Westfields, St.  Albans, AL34JR, Herts, England, UK...
Figurative - Tapestry Art
100 x 100 cm (39.4 x 39.4 inches)
Libuse Mikova: 'Dream', 1992 Tapestry Art, Figurative. The Dream is about the desire of woman, who worked as the conservator of chantier in medieval site in Abbeay du Moncel, Pontpoint, France, 1990.Material pure and synthetic wool, cotton, jute, golden string, 15 syntetic , colors syntetic, weavingafter cartoon behind vertical loom, handmade, 1st step off the artwork is ...
, 1992
Figurative - Tapestry Art
200 x 140 cm (78.7 x 55.1 inches)
Libuse Mikova: 'La Femme et Loiseau or Woman and bird', 1988 Tapestry Art, Figurative. The Woman and Bird is the fairy tale of love and hate, about the beauty Lady from Anjou who was in the night woman and in the day bird falcon and liberately by knigth . . .Materials are wool, cotton about 15 syntetic, syntetic colors, weaving, vertical loom, used the cartoon behind ...
Figurative - Tapestry Art
100 x 220 cm (39.4 x 86.6 inches)
Revaz Verulidze: 'neron', 2019 Tapestry Art, Abstract. neron...
, 2019
Abstract - Tapestry Art
183.7 x 68.6 inches (466.6 x 174.2 cm)
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Artists Describing Their Art:

Tom S. Hageman - May 1968: I finished my studies with a paper entitled, "The Art in the 21st Century," in which I concluded that modern art ought no longer defy or deny the ancient'classical' tradition, but needs to search for a synthesis between the two traditions. In my series "Revelations" I searched for this synthesis in combining traditional skills with contemporary insights. This theme of searching for an integration and synthesis of traditional and contemporary art would continue to inspire me throughout my career and would find expression in my work in many different ways and forms. In 1970 I lived in Turkey for a year and traveled through Teheran (Iran), Kabul (Afghanistan) en Lahore (Pakistan). My life in Turkey and my travels in Asia made a deep impression on me which in turn influenced me in my work. My memories of Turkish bathhouses, Persian tiles, Afghan coffeehouses and Mogul gardens inspired me and I worked on integrating classical Asian styles and techniques in European techniques and thereby developing my own personal style in my series "Manuscripts." In the beginning of the eighties I felt the desire to return to the European tradition of'skimming light captured in oils.' But in working...

Libuse Mikova - Liba Mika Mika studed the University of aplied arts in Prague, where she has got her diploma as academic painter. She created her artistic works in Czech Republic, mostly in her studio in Prague. She combines the best artistic czech tradition with the artistic ideas in France, Peru, India. Liba "Mika" Mikova travelled throught the world and different cultural traditions appeared in her Art. She exhibited her works in France, Austria, England and Czech Republic. The works of Mika are in state and private collections In Europe and U.S.A. Her early career in Prague was created by professor Antonin Kybal,The university of applied arts in Prague, author of Modern Textile Designer, inspired in her a lifelong dedication to the magnificent mediaeval, but now unfashionable,art of Gobelin Tapestries....