Loose Poles Camarillo Watercolor By Daniel Clarke

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Artist Daniel Clarke. 'Loose Poles Camarillo' Artwork Image, Created in 2020, Original Woodcut. #art #artist
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Daniel Clarke


Loose Poles Camarillo

Size - (USA):
18 W x 12 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
45.7 W x 30.5 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

Country roads around counties Carlow and Kilkenny borders, We are the last of the memory hoarders, Love divine is on its rightful pedestal, Seeking the lure of comfort and mystique, The draw of the unknown, unforgiven, Undying gesture of our heart, Everytime we met we searched in the mindfields, Of the regrets of our past. Romance was your reason for your energetic, foot perfect dance, Pearly beads shining on your high forehead, Which you would wipe, with a large handkerchief hastily away. Then driving through the darkness, That trips up the light of day, Stars beckoning you to the imaginary world of ghosts, What happens to us when were gone Are we like letters that get lost in the post You seemed to think I had more knowledge than most You were always on the run from the magnetic sun, As you displayed your charm, wit, when having plenty of fun, Your warmth held an icy warning, just beneath the surface, Your own way, at your own pace, As you chased your elusive dream, Marraige was a trophy, a success complete, But all you felt was the lonesome ache of defeat. You admired having the best, Like your only team the Kilkenny hurlers, They were above the less talented rest. Many friends were found in Alcoholics Anonymous, They became part of your extended family, Home was been with them facng the truth. You cherished the roots that made you so proud, You were the performer in the crowd. When I heard the shocking news that you had passed away, My open wound was on display, I understood your complex nature, Your fight within your competitive need to endure, A childlike essence was part of your powerful presence, Now your not there, its so unfair, I heard at your funeral your last words were to your nephew, See you later alligator See you along the tranquil country roads, Of counties Carlow and Kilkenny. Your force lingers as night falls, With the comforting, background sound of Irish country music, You still search for the best, All part of your unique mindset.
Artwork Keywords:   California, Backwater, Country, Road, Camarillo, Original Watercolor
Materials:   Watercolors

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