Its OUT Of Control Watercolor By Eve Co

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Artist Eve Co. 'Its OUT Of Control' Artwork Image, Created in 1998, Original Mixed Media. #art #artist
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Eve Co


Its OUT Of Control

Size - (USA):
18 W x 22 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
45.7 W x 55.9 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

It's OUT of Control Strathmore Paper - Koi Watercolors 15" x 22" This painting was accomplished on a cloudy day in a empty park. My life had just recently been turned upside-down and set into a tornado by my own doing. The park was a small park in a residential area. There was one picnic table. I was painting and a family came for a picnic. I slid over and said we can share. The children stared for a moment and I smiled and said, The swings are empty & they raced for the swings. ( I am smiling). Lunch was ready and I was invited to join in. We all ate and the Mom gave the children some color books. I was watching them and not painting much. The little girl was scribbling all over her page and the Mom said, Stay in the lines dear. The little girl glared and said, Why, Mommy? The Mom told the lil one, Because the lines are there for a reason honey. So the little girl looked at me and glared and said, Where are your lines? I said, I dont have any. And we all laughed. You know she asked why So I gave her and her brother two empty sheets of paper. I had plenty of paint and brushes with me. I told them, these sheets are empty and there is not any lines on them, BUT you can put lines on them or just paint with out lines. I got a new piece of paper and said, like this, and I began spraying the paper with water, and just brushing colors on in random patterns. Talking saying look you try there is no lines and you can do whatever you want. Laughing if the little girl didnt say, I dont know what to do yours looks better. I told her, to you it does, but yours I see the ocean in the blue and a tree next to there in the green, and she said ohhhhhhh The undercoats had to dry so we went to swing for 15 minutes and came back to paint The little girl pointed to my painting and said look, there is a tree on yours too. I took paint to paper and began to paint a psychedelic tree on the paper and said. There may not be lines but you can add lines from what you see inside of your mind. The lil girl painted a tree and the boy painted a dragon. I have the paintings in my stairwell hanging in prominence to remember the sweetness of art at a young age. I know the lil girl grew up and stayed in the lines but also knew how to see beyond them as well. (This Painting is dedicated to a game room I play in, on. TO: A. G. because many remind me of what I once felt like.)
Artwork Keywords:   Original Watercolor
Materials:   Watercolors

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