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In 2005 at the age of 50, I decided to paint with no education or experience.

Happy First Birthday!

I was experiencing numb soles, calves for a while. One morning suddenly my legs were not totally there! I pushed myself off the bed, they were buckling as I tried to walk to kitchen to make a cup of coffee. It must be the tree root I was trying to help workers lift of the ground the day before, where I was building my town houses I thought. I realised if I bent my legs a little at the knees I was able to walk. I went to a clinic and waited outside. I can not wait inside because I move constantly, walk up and down, study and read everything and bother normal people. This time as I try to walk up and down I could not hold my tears, I called my wife and told her that I was in the hands of people I use to make fun of, The Doctors. I kept crying and walking up and down like a weird hundred years old break dancer. Than they called me in. After the examination I was sent for exrays and submission. I had my xrays done, paid my deposit and was taken to my ward. Four agonising hours later a (famous) neurosugeon came to visit and told me to go home and exercise! there was nothing wrong with me! I checked out. The next day I started exercising. Trying to walk straight exercises and stretching turned into full circuit weights and all training. The Doctor was right! I had to train everyday! If I did not train one day my legs did not function properly! It was like a funny sentence! Lose something for working too hard and work harder to keep it!?

October 2005 I found out that I had Lumbar Spondylitis, (almost losing all the feeling in my legs) having a prostate enlargement operation (TURP) (pinching of some nerves to the legs as well)I finally discovered that I was mortal!
I did not have all the time in the world. Years and years I kept saying that when I retire or when I am 65 I was going to paint! Change of plan, I was going to paint now!

Just like the way I had to teach myself to walk again, I have to teach myself to paint too. Had to become a fitness fanatic so I can function again and it works! You would think these things were going to slow me down or sober me up or something. They just make me paint with a vengeance! To get back all these years I lost without painting for ten thousand reasons! Now after my first year spent painting I am looking forward to a guilt free xmas holiday. It feels like I am born again! As a present to myself, I just uploaded my latest, "WINNER OF THE ARMS RACE 1 to 4" on my first page.
(October 2006)

During the day I manage my properties, at night I paint. I can and will sleep when I die.
Adjustment & addition: 2007 I found this small Ice cream cone manufacturing business and bought it! By May 2007 I bought a new factory building, renovated, moved all the old machinery, purchased new automatic ones and now I am managing properties, running my extremely busy Ice cream cone manufacturing business "Mario's Cones" and painting but a lot less.
I believe we have to invest a lot more in moving to space and be independent of our little planet as soon as possible.
I also want to find a way to change our bodies with artificial ones so we can stay healty and live longer to solve all the problems we create!
I use to make fun of Abstract or contemporary paintings until one day for the fun of it, I decided to paint like my 4 years old daughter. Something that didn't make sense or the same sense to everybody. (Or free of the worry of what anybody would translate it to or make of it!)
It was a very difficult and stressful experience! I discovered why Picasso struggled so many years before he was able to paint like a child. I say if you want a real challenge, try abstract contemporary before condemning it.
Me, I paint how, when and what I feel like.
It might sound arrogant but I enjoy all this experimentation, reinventing the wheel struggle and I produce things I like more than others some times.
I like working without looking at or copying an object or photo and without the use of a computer. Whatever idea and detail comes to my mind I put it on canvas. I do not want to become a commercial artist. I am not a very good handler of athority or a good follower. So I paint without the aid of a financial calculator too!

I think there is nothing in life that can compete
with doing something you love and producing something with your own hands. I bought, sold and built countless houses and now building my own Ice cream cone and sweets manufacturing plant from nothing but
I've never feel more joy and pride as I feel on completion of one of my art works.

Also, I hate virtual reality and politics!
I I I (just try to imagine the ego)

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and thank you World Wide Arts Resources for giving me the opportunity of showing my work here.

Yours sincerely
Alaaddin Cakirerk.

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