Artist Statement -

Alan Soffer began studying sculpture and clay in 1973 transitioning to abstract painting in 1985, through a breakthrough program at Bennington College with Sandy Stone. His abstractions have been in the pursuit of the unknown, unique, and personal depths of the unconscious. Rather than confining his energies to a single medium, he sensitively chooses materials that accommodate the concepts at hand. Early constructions were in clay and found objects, then discovering printmaking and photography, which he learned on his own. Finally, focusing on painting with acrylic, oil, and wax. Encaustics allowed him to marry a sculptural component to his painterly approach, following his studies at Ringling School in 1998. The hot, pigmented wax’s inherent translucency perfectly supports his vocabulary for expressing space from the microscopic to the galactic. Whatever the direction, the work is always influenced by Joseph Campbell, the noted mythologist, who Soffer considers his mentor.
He organized the first national encaustic conference in the US in 2005 and continues teaching encaustic technique as well as abstract painting primarily through workshops. Major one person shows have been presented at: DCCA, Wilmington DE; Borowsky Gallery, Phila.; Rosenfeld Gallery, Phila.; Widener U., Chester PA; Atlantic City Art Center; Robert Roman Gallery, Scottsdale AZ, Gallery Sakiko, NYC; Fulton-Burt Gallery, Sarasota FL; Southern Exposure Gallery, West Palm Beach FL; CCAA, West Chester, PA; Central PA College, Harrisburg PA; Hoyt Institute, New Castle PA. Soffer is in many major collections, including Musee du Chateau, Montbeliard; American Express; Salmany Museum, Kurdistan; and numerous private collections.
VICTORIA DONOHUE / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER [2003, Widener University] had this to say:
“Soffer is a serious artist with a truly poetic gift for making his paintings coalesce into visions of quite remarkable beauty. He is a colorist and very versatile in this; he uses color exuberantly and paints seemingly with abandon, yet his results are nonetheless strongly rhythmic. Such paintings project an engaging physicality, even though they rely on swift effects to declare their presence.”

RIGHT SIDE LEFT SIDE JAC Philadelplhia PA 2011
GEOSCAPES Rosenfeld Gallery Philadelphia PA 2009
RINCON & BEYOND Central Pennsylvania College Harrisburg PA 2009
ALL MY LIFE’S A CIRCLE Rosenfeld Gallery Philadelphia PA 2007
CIRCLE OF LIFE Gallery Sakiko New York New York NY 2007
ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONS Robert Roman Gallery Scottsdale AZ 2006
INFUSION Rosenfeld Gallery Philadelphia PA 2005
FUSION/ INFUSION Robert Roman Gallery Scottsdale AZ 2005
OSMOSIS Chester County Art Assoc West Chester PA 2005
ABSTRACT IMPRESSIONS Southern Exposure Gallery N. Palm Beach FL 2004
SAN MIGUEL SUITE Atlantic City Art Center Atlantic City NJ 2003
PROGRESSION Widener University Museum Chester PA 2003
CHROMA Parallels Gallery Philadelphia PA 2002
TOWARD THE SUBLIME Southern Exposure Gallery W. Palm Beach FL 2000
ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONS Artjaz Gallery Philadelphia PA 2000
MAKING IT UP Brown Art Gallery Baltimore MD 1999
NEW WORK Artist’s House Philadelphia PA 1998
DECONSTRUCTIONS Fulton-Burt Gallery Sarasota FL 1997
CONCERNING CREATION Chester County Art Assoc . West Chester PA 1995
CURIOUS NARRATIVES The Borowsky Gallery Philadelphia PA 1994
BABYLON REVISITED Nexus Resource Room Philadelphia PA 1992
EVOKING ORIGINS Del. Ctr. Contemporary Art Wilmington DE 1992
SUMMER SELECTIONS Larsen Dulman Gallery New Hope PA 1989
ONE + ONE + ONE Community Art Center Wallingford PA 1988
ELEMENTAL THREADS Natl. Museum Amer. Jewish History Philadelphia PA 1985

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

Artist Publications


Artist Collections


Marine Life VI 30x22 acrylic Noah Soffer
Circling VII 36x36 acrylic Adam & Rachel Soffer
Photograph 20x30 Larry Ballen Associates
Manse in the Forrest 60x48 acrylic ” “
Traded for
Aliphant II 84 x 48 monotype “
Internal 22x20 encaustic David Schaffler, Wilson Oil
Marine Life III 30x22 acrylic Verhoefs
Lollips III 18x22 encaustic thru Robert Roman Gallery
Columnar II 22x26 encaustic Drukins
Scape II 48x30 acrylic Steitler
Animales 28x24 monotype Steitler
Space Shower 23x22 encaustic Steitler
Concentric II 32x24 acrylic Rude
Purple Passion 46x48 acrylic Ploeners Inc.
Mindscape/Landscape 24x28 encaustic Beverly Roman Gallery
Mindscape III 24x28 encaustic Andy Rosen
Dancing with Degas 32x24 acrylic Rose Tree Dental
Handscape 14x10 encaustic Larry Bruck
Deconstructing I 20x20 acrylic Phyllis Strauss
Soul Mates 32x24 collage/montyp Phyllis Strauss
In Flight 36x30 oil, encaustic Seidenberg Associates
Fuck You 31x21 collage “
Black & White 40x32 drawing “
Menage et Trois 40x32 drawing “
Sugarhouse 46x36 mixed media “
Diagrammatic 16x20 acrylic thru Posh Gallery
Field 24x24 encaustic thru Florida Designer
Petal 16x13 encaustic Zuchmans Studios
Dots & Squares 24x28 encaustic thru Robert Roman Gallery
From the Ground Up 84x102 acrylic Ilene Gartenstein
Steps 46x46 oil Ilene Gartenstein
Canyon Passage 36x36 acrylic thru Southern Exposure Gallery
Grid 30x44 acrylic/collage “ “ “
Passage 46x46 acrylic Toby & Ron Green
Petals From Heaven 30x22 acrylic “ “
Bull 46x48 acrylic “ “
SMdA “ “
Forrest Drenched in Sunlight 30x40 encaustic, oil Adam Soffer
Red Tide III 32x24 acrylic Adam Soffer Law
Infinity 30x22 acrylic thru Artjaz Gallery
Luscious 22x27 acrylic thru “ “
Wet on Wet 22x16 oil thru CAC
Urban Electricity 30x22 acrylic Artjaz Gallery
Yum 16x20 encaustic Andersons [MLAC]
Prints [3] 20x30 each “
Swirling 24x20 oil, acrylic Betty
Landings 45x32 acrylic Artjaz Gallery
Oriental Sky 30x22 acrylic Gwen Soffer
Girl About… 28x28 encaustic “
Girl with Hat 36x24 acrylic “
Cubistic 40x32 acrylic “
Hurricane 40x30 acrylic “
Woman 40x30 watercolor “
Triumvurate 30x22 acrylic Martha & Joel Marcus
Adam 30x22 monotype M & J Marcus Inlaid Woods
Lovers Sculpture “ “
Space 20x24 acrylic Tommy Gentekos
Blue Dots 22x22 acrylic Tommy Gentekos Salon
Two Lines 17x17 acrylic Tina Stein Radiology
Solid 22x22 encaustic Austino Arts
Mums 24x20 acrylic/oil Linda Sommers
Ab Ex I 18x20 acrylic Harris Steinberg R.E.
Illusion II 26x38 acrylic/collage Fulton-Burt Gallery[
Los Ojos “ “ “ “ “ “
Monoliths 29x35 mixed media Flossy Benn Lovitz

The Seine 20x28 acrylic Mitch Lyons Fine Arts
“ “
Animal/Vegetable 32x25 monotype Dan Soffer Internal Med. Assoc.
Eve 24x20 monotype Dave Schrager Law
Animal Vegetable II 25x17 monotype Rhoni Groff
N 31x31 acrylic/monoty Stahl Dental

Dawn I 30x22 monotype Raab Associates
Confirmation I 26x31 mixed media “
Couples Sculpture Susan Fisher Presents
The Ark[Mezuzah] Sculpture Bob Wartel Dentistry
The Voyeur 30x26 collage Stu Levy Human Resouces
The Survivor Sculpture Reesa Sklar
Denderah 27x25 monotype Gil Sopher
Amon 27x25 “ Jane Kelmer, Jewelers
Garden of Infinity mixed media thru Art at the Armory
Kites 25x20 water color Dick Wenner
Opium I 36x28 mixed media Gary Katz Dental
Bird on a Molar 34x26 mixed media Marilyn Arnott Associates
Three Molars mixed media Mort Litvin Oral Surgery
The Tablets 31x27 monotype Jim Granite Endodontia
Golandrinas II 38x30 mixed media Pain & Physical Therapy
Chicks 38x30 mixed media thru Axis Gallery
Sheep Spirit-Mother 37x29 mixed media Roberta
Archeologue Sculpture thru Larsen Dulman Gallery
Dental History series[3] mixed media Jim & Barbara VanKoski
Violet Air 26x18 acrylic,collage David & Andrea Wasser
Space 22x20 encaustic RLH Leunissen Cardiology
Landscape II 28x24 encaustic Starr/Reno
Petri Dish 22x18 encaustic John Sutton Architecture
Girder 28x22 acrylic Joan & Rick Band
Steel Discs [3] 25”D Krenzels Law
Evening Mindscape 28x22 encaustic “
Microcosm III 60x36 “ Post & Schell, PC [lawfirm]
Roundandround 24x24 “ Roz Epstein’s mother in law
Him 24x16 acrylic & encaustic Mindy Rishforth (1100 Ashbridge
Her 24x16 “ “ “ “ Bryn Mawr, 19010
Lacunae II 36”D encaustic on steel Dion & Solomon Law
Circles & Squares III 24 x 16 “ board R. Bradley Runyan (zenith)
Marine Life II 34 x 44 acrylic/ paper Charbonet/ Soffer Law
Meteorite 24 x 32 “ “
Tuesday Tuesday 30 x 40 acrylic/ canvas Krenzels
Somewhere 42 x 30 acrylic/ board “
Sundown 32 x 26 encaustic/ board “
Heavenly Bodies 32 x 26 “ “
Odontologic Musings 46 x 46 acrylic, oil/ canvas “
Lollips VIII 16 x16 encaustic/ board Beverly Roman
? 16 x 22 “ Buzz Miller
Mountainside 24 x 28 “ Sheree Petrone
G-Spot II 18 x 24 “ Howard Reber
Grid III 20 x 20 “ Gallery- Owl 57
Wet 20 x 24 “ Besner Dental Group
Umber Cosmos 24 x 24 “ Soffer/ Charbonet Law
Dots IV 21 x 25 “ “
My pictures 187 21 x 25 “ “


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