Artist Statement -

My creative process is full of passion and discovery. I become totally absorbed and only myself and the subject exist for I am in a meditative state. I paint, however, I do prefer photography as a medium as it suits my spontaneous nature.

The lens captures the moment with exquisite precision that cannot be easily recaptured again. I am more interested in the concept and the impact of the image which gives the image more integrity and close to the original. To manipulate and enhance the image after its been taken does not excite me as much as capturing that magical moment.

When I set up and arrange the scene I am consumed with styling, decorating and embellishing the subject. I see the human form as sculpture which extends to packaging, interiors and architecture.

I am fascinated by the eccentric the marginal the most glamorous and the neglected bringing out their inner beauty, dignity and their story.

The collaborative process creates a comfortable environment which in turn makes my models feel at ease and supportive of their particular wishes and needs. My models often make comments that they feel relaxed, liberated and empowered.

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