Artist Statement -


I mounted my brains up on the wall
I’ve framed my sorrows in advance
I kept my joys free-standing on the hall
All in an captured stance

I’ve lost my mind to endless love
I cried my heart on dampened tombs
I tasted ambrosia rain sprinkled from above
That sweetened my bitter womb

Diluted I was in a marbled sea
Of colors dabbled by the Master’s brush
Told to tone down and be solvent-free
To picture the worldly and crass

My nights are stacked in fever’s pitch
My noons vapor the dizzy rhapsody
The evening stars within my reach
Are drawn in geometric parody

From drafting board to taut canvas
I transform the visual to evocable
Vacillating choices of media wanderlust
On mystic hearts hid or palpable…

My paintings’ sparse but my heart’s a gallery
Chambers browsed from paranoid to sublime
From room to room in curated history
Hung unauctioned, yet wanting time…


Artist Exhibitions

Solo Exhibits:(Philippines)
1)One-Child Exhibit (8yrsold)-Centro Escolar University;
2)"Titser Dulce" - Festival Exhibit 1991
3)"pranapintura" - National Arts month 2001 exhibit;
4)"animafantasia" - solo exhibit in Cebu City 2002
5) UPVT National Arts Month Celebration Exhibit, 2005
6)"Kromatiks" UPV-LSHCenter Foundation Day exhibit Sept 1, 2006

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