Artist Statement -

Born: Kisangani, Congo, Africa
BFA: Emphasis Painting, 1979, Academie Des Beaux-Arts, Kinshasa and Lubumbashi
Additional Studies: Notre Dame de la Sagesse, School of Interior Design, Brussels, Belgium, 1980-82
Currently a US citizen residing in Fort Worth, Texas

I am from the Kongo people. Before Columbus sailed to the New World, the Portuguese had already established trade relations with the kingdom of Kongo. Members of the royal court of Kongo attended the university in Lisbon. I speak the Kikongo language, as well as Lingala, Swahili, French and English. Congo is always in my heart although it has been many years since I have been there in person.

My country has a rich artistic and cultural history and the Congolese people have made important contributions to art and music. One of my goals with my art is to introduce our history and culture to others. When you know Africa you will love Africa.

I love learning about different ethnic and national cultures. I look for links that can unite people rather than divide them. Having lived on three continents has given me a broader interest perhaps than if I had only lived in one community all my life.

We must teach our children about other cultures so that they will grow up respecting them. This type of education is the most powerful tool one can use to bring people together in harmony.

Artist Exhibitions

PBS Special, 1997, Art Journeys Gallery, Out of Africa Into America

Forgotten Heritage, Mosaics, Dallas Visual Art Center, Dallas, Texas

Expressions from the Soul, Irving Arts Center, Irving, Texas

Stiftelsen 3,14/Hordaland International Gallery, Bergen, Norway

Art Museum of South Texas at Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX, USA

Tragic Wake, The Henrietta Marie Project, Spirit Square, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Breaking Into the Mainstream, Irving Arts Center, Main Gallery, Irving, Texas,USA

Forgotten Heritage, Serratt Gallery, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

Diggs Gallery, WSSU, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Sioux City Art Center, Main Gallery, Sioux City, Iowa

Meadows Gallery, SAU, Keene, Texas

Baktruppen:Eurohæ, Norway

Danuta Haremska og Tomasz

Art Bank, Hamar, Norway

The Glåmdalsmuseet, Elverum, Norway

Voss Folke Museum, Skulestadmo, Norway

A Slave Ship Speaks: The Wreck of the Henrietta Marie, Museum of Science and History, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Echoes of Africa (with Beatrice Lebreton) The Ellen Noel Art Museum
Midland, Texas


Artist Publications

...An aura permeates the seems to emanate from the nearly 200 sculptures that depict an impassioned story...
Norma Wade, Columnist, Dallas Morning News, 1993

...African-American artists from around the state submitted works...centerpiece of the exhibit is an incredible wire and aluminum sculpture by Augie N'Kele...
Andy Grieser, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX, 1996
Breaking Into The Mainstream; Texas African-American Artists Irving Arts Center

I love the way he depicts the limbs; how he builds mass and also at the same time creates movement by wrapping wire. It is reminiscent of gestural drawing, which has a kind of immediacy, depicting action and motion in a spontaneous fresh way. Augie translated this into sculpture, which is kind of amazing because sculpture is so heavy... the mark of artistic vision.
Marci Inman, Curator, Irving Arts Center, Irving, Texas 1996
Interview by Cathy Whiteman, Irving Community Television Network ...

Artist Collections

Dikembe Mutombo, New Jersy, USA
Tom Feelings, Columbia, SC, USA
Barrett Collection, Dallas, TX, USA
John Pronk, Dallas, TX, USA
D. Markham, Dallas, TX, USA
Patricia Meadows, Dallas, TX, USA
Kevin Vogel, Dallas, TX , USA
Stiftlesen 3,14, Bergen, Norway
Dr. Robert Mumford, Dallas, TX, USA
Dr. Bohls, Fort Worth, TX, USA
John Fiadu, Bergen, Norway
Dr. Diedra Roach, Baltimore MD, USA
McNary Collection Richardson, TX, USA
William Graves, Charlotte, NC, USA
Kenneth Holmes Collection, Corpus Christi, TX , USA
Dr. Beatriz Para, Hurst, TX, USA
Margie Henzel, Collyville, TX, USA
B E Noel, Charlotte, NC, USA
Grace Community Church, Euless, TX, USA
James & Beverly Lofton, Plano, TX , USA
Mitti Jordan, Dallas, TX, USA Private, TX, USA
John Davis, Dallas, TX, USA
Private, Singapore, China
Rick James, Irving, TX, USA
Linda Taylor-West, Fort Worth, TX, USA
Asantewa, Arlington, TX, USA
Cheryl Nason, Arlington, TX, USA
Milo Hinojosa, Keller, TX, USA
Black Historical and Genealogical Society, Fort Worth, TX, USA
Eddie McAnthony, Fort Worth, TX, USA
Anita Knox, Fort Worth, TX, USA
Beatrice Lebreton, Dallas, TX, USA
Dorothy Hamm, TX, USA
Victor Rodriguez, Arlington, TX, USA...

Artist Favorites