Artist Statement -

Carving is an old profession and it has experienced full boom in the past, for the first time in ancient Egypt and in Europe in the Middle Ages. It can be seen in the classic, old art, but pleasant lines of manually treated wood are also included in a modern setting, where they diversify and fill the space.
My products are just that and they promote positive energy in space and bring peace and love. Each tree and wood has its own vibration. Wood is beautiful however it is treated, but most important for me is to revive and reimburse life to it in another form, in harmony with my expression, which vibrates in the direction of unconditional love.
When working with wood I feel and connect with it, which is imprinted in the product. I work with a variety of wood materials oak, walnut, pear, cherry, alder, linden ..., also choosing them according to the harmony with the product.

Bartolus is my artistic name, which is derivative of the Hebrew word for Jernej, as this is my name.

I wish you a pleasant visit of my site,
Jernej Tramte

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