Artist Statement -

Subject matter in painting is merely the trigger that allows the expression of something more profound, unconscious and possibly hidden even from oneself, and therefore all inclusive, so viscerally immanent to humankind R. Alonzo

Totems beyond Patriarchy May 2014
Nature has been qualified as a female organic form by most ancient cultures, but for the last millennia or so, the world has been primarily perceived and shaped by the masculine side of the species. Our recent history however has seen a trend towards a natural reversion to a feminine bias, with women becoming increasingly more crucial to all aspects of society.
These works serve to remind us about these issues and others that we continue to face the world while reinventing the female figure as an emblem for current conditions and a new Totem for the future. The juxtaposition between the representations of the animals and plants in compromised an ailing conditions and the female form that seems to swallow and revive the life- infused aspects of her creation, render a sense of hope for a future in which the maternal provides a healing force to an ailing planet.

Signs. Symbols. Sentinels February 2, 2013

The works of the present exhibition are the works done with the intention of exploring the physicality of animals, in particular as it relates to the bodies of a specific group of animals the bison, the bull, the horse etc. These are animals of our Paleolithic past. Needless to say, my intentions are to connect with our primitive and archetypical ancestry by re- articulating within our contemporary context those prehistoric images, their human bodies and their animals. Thus, these old protagonists acquire new meaning by bringing forth, I hope, the mood and emotional tone of our contemporary world, while at the same time they re- collect to whatever extent possible their ancestral meaning.

Most of my images, but not all, are of women � although many male figures, and an abundance of animals, inhabit my pictures as well. But it is woman, as earth and goddess that is the focus of my work. It is her anatomy, her biological capabilities and frailties, her distinctive pains and pleasures, her sexuality and aging, her chronic status, her tears, her peculiar psychological turns and her existential status that I attempt to capture in my paintings.
More specifically, it is the form, or rather, the multiple forms, of the human body that I depict. Naturally, as a woman native of South America, the forms, colors, textures, etc. that I take pains to create on my surfaces belong to a well known Latin American pictorial vocabulary that has roots in ancient Paleolithic forms. Building upon this tradition, I aim to create images that while connected to those �primitive� forms, are nonetheless very contemporary not only in their look, but also because they bring forth the mood and emotional tone of our complex contemporary world.

November 2003 Solo exhibit, new paintings, under the title
BACK TO BACK presented at Gallery 3,
showed some of my introspective analysis of the world at war, and its opposite, an esoteric world at peace.
In the show a series of paintings depicting abstract backs of women, mysterious, with hidden heads and emphasis on their spines. Along with these paintings, I have added excerpts from poems done by my father who was a physician and a poet in South America. I feel these fragments of his poems find their own space between each painting in the collection. I did not intend these poems to be self-referential or have any specific reference to my works. Rather, I see them as an impact from his spirit to mine
Becky R Soria

METAPHORIC TORSOS Exhibition Statement, January 2007, Solo Exhibition The Jung Center, Houston, Texas
From a Jungian perspective 3-12-2006

On the torso aspect of the images.

The back of the body is always the promise of a front, but in my work it is a front that never arrives. The mind approaches the world with its preconceptions, - can it see the back without somewhere unconsciously presuming the front --- no --- so what front is presumed

Is there a person represented by a back such as this, is it somebodys back
Is it Woman rejecting being taken as a sexual object

The back is a symbol of rejection, of turning ones back on the viewer, of looking away, but it also represents looking in the same direction as the viewer, looking at the same thing, in the distance.

The back for beasts of burden carries the material weight of the world, but for humans, the back carries the weight of the worry, the stress, the pressure, the fear, the grief, and its physiognomy tells the tale tail of the persons life.

And the back can symbolize the shadow as Jung observed,

Taking it in its deepest sense, the shadow is the invisible saurian tail that man still drags behind him. Carefully amputated, it becomes the healing serpent of the mysteries. Only monkeys parade with it.

The Integration of the Personality. 1939.

On the the abstract aspect of the images

Burying into the inchoate place where images manifest, and pure light plays against color and form, I paint my abstract images. But these abstract images many times are on the border of meaning, at the place which allows projection of content from the shadow. As Jung observes,

Projections change the world into the replica of ones own unknown face.

Aion 1955. CW 14 P.17

Filling the conscious mind with ideal conceptions is a characteristic of Western theosophy, but not the confrontation with the shadow and the world of darkness. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

The Philosophical Tree 1945. In CW 13 Alchemical Studies. P.335

On the collage aspect of some of the images

A collage is a beautiful medium to allow the play of ideas as images to play against each other, to conflict, to balance, to unify, and to fracture. It is the post-modern condition to be a dynamic and unstable equilibrium of ideas about the self and the world, where the real world, if there is such a thing, is lost beneath the cascade of conflicting images purporting to represent it. And did not Jung point us towards this as well,

The individual ego could be conceived as the commander of a small army in the struggle with his environments war not infrequently on two fronts, before him the struggle for existence, in the rear the struggle against his own rebellious instinctual nature. Even to those of us who are not pessimists our existence feels more like a struggle than anything else. The state of peace is a desideratum, and when a man has found peace with himself and the world it is indeed a noteworthy event.

Analytical Psychology and Weltanschauung 1928 In CW 8 The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche. P.693

November 2008 presented a solo exhibit
ALCHEMY at Gallery 3. Bruce Leutwyler states
It is the quest to turn base material base flesh into spirit. But what is spirit and what is flesh really In a departure from, yet a movement forward in her investigation of the female form, Beckys new paintings may remind one who contemplates them of the unfinished sculptures in the Academia Di Belle Art Florence. The human figures in them are not so much abstracted forms, as forms coming into existence or dissolving out of existence into the primal elements that constitute them. But these elements are not the chemical elements of modern chemistry rather they are the al-chemical elements of a tradition whose wisdom was lost a long ago, and whose truth still awaits a rediscovery.
Leutwyler continues, The basic elements of the holographic simulation we call reality is really only just color... the stuff that dreams are made of. In Beckys paintings it is a dense rich color, pointing to the paradox that that stuff of which we are made, that flesh, that materia riginalis, is indeed in fact only paint, the very stuff of color. This experience of density in the color forms is what gives them such sense of reality. Yet that very density, like the illusoriness of the image we read in painting, is not real. Like the figures in her images, dense form is constantly being dissolve and reformed, brought to a rebirth and dying every instant. It is a phantasmagorical miasma that we are desperate at every instant to hold in a reasonable form .So desperate are we, that we do not notice it dissolving returning as it does in Beckys alchemical paintings into the very paint that is all it is...

October 2009. Solo exhibit INTIMACIES OF CONFLICT

Becky Sorias New Paintings are not easy works. They continue and extend her work with metaphoric works. The human protolith is subjected to the pressure of life, be it Afghan war in the painting Soldier, or, in the paining Falling, the innocent stumbles that leads to a death tumbling down stairs. it is not physical heat and pressure, of course that the human protolith is subjected to in her works. but physic pressure and and subtle energetic heat. The subtle heat in the East is known as prana, chi, or lung, whose course through the body is like the steady course of a stream that carves up a mountain. The physic pressure is that we all know and call stress and physical and physic pain
Beckys paintings melt the mindbody distinction for her bodies seem both material, and yet not material, yet surely not spiritual in the sense of bodies of light. This is not yet a being evolving to a higher place of pure light, but rather being made molten by the very same light experienced as the heat and pressure transformation. But Becky does not leave us an easy hope, for we do not know if this a process of refining to the purest metal, or bending, nay braking of the human being.
In one her latests works Male it is as if she wanted to take and MRI scan of the protolith as it metamorphosis. In these works she leaves the painting very flat, like a film or screen shot of the scan. The Male figure stands, giving the impression of having his hands in his pockets, unaware that a topographic image of the state of his body mind consciousness subtle energy body has been taken.
Slowly, slowly, Becky develops her own visual language called into being by her own experience of being a protolith. She is at the same crossroads that the West is, aware that there is much more than the normal range of experience of a western human being and so much more than the limited ontology of the truth-limiting western sciences. But how to express all of it in a way true to experience... that is the challenge she continues to take up in Intimacies of Conflict

January 8th, 2011 BODY- SURFACE - SIGN at Archway Gallery

For this exhibition Becky Soria has selected a group of works with diversely abstract female figures as well as a few small paintings from her collection of works with a �primitive approach�.
This exhibition entitled �Body, Surfaces, and Symbols� engages the viewer into the experience a variety of female narratives visually articulated not so much by abstracted forms of the female body as by primeval elemental forms � a materia originalis of dense rich color and complex textures that churn human and animal flesh.
Yet that very density, like the illusion we read in a painting, appears as not so real. Like the figures in her images, dense form is constantly being dissolved and reformed, brought to a rebirth and dying every instant.
Slowly, Slowly, Becky explores her own visual language, a language called into being by her own experiences.

Gallery review by Virginia Anderson posted The Great God Pan is Dead
BODY TALK EL LENGUAGE DEL CUERPO July 13, 2012 by Virginia Anderson posted The Great God Pan is Dead

SIGNS. SYMBOLS. SENTINELS. February 1, 2013 Questions for Becky by Virginia Anderson
published by Virginia Anderson at The Great God Pan is Dead

2013 Included in The works that I like by Robert Boyd, art review.

2013 Critique by Lima de Greene curator of contemporary art at The Museum of Fine Arts.

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2021 Consequential Journeys Embark on a study of the Human Spirit Spotlight magazine, Eight Vivid eye catching April art events no Houstonian should miss by Culture map. Inaguraccion de Exposiciones de Museos en Houston Consequential Journeys by Becky Soria, by NOTIYLTI

Becky R Soria pursued her early art training in South America studios. After immigrating to the USA, she continued her training at the Glassell School of Art and wit Fernando Casas PhD, artist and Philosopher
Sorias background in biology and medicine as well as her interest in archeology, paleontology influenced the subject matter of her paintings since 1980. They are often abstracted images with surreal allusions that suggest all manners of transformation, growth and mutation.
In the last 15 years of her career, shes has been dedicated to the exploration of the human figure, as well as that of various animals. Especially inspired by the psychological and -suggestive existential concepts of the female. The human interiorities that Soria creates are not, as one may expect, organic views. Far from it, she works with painterly textures, colors, rhythms and surfaces to depict these psychological and conceptual landscapes.
continuing with her trajectory, Soria has also immersed in the historical- mythological female roles of the past- depicting females as Goddesses, but not in a realistic or religious way, rather, showing them as an integral part of earths nature, and depicting them in a contemporary, postmodern style.
Gaias Oracle exhibited in May 12023 was about the ancestral mother Earth Gaia, Soria use the word Oracle as a forecaster or procrastinator of environmental events, her works have a sense off urgency, they are works created by a panoply of contrasting and contorting shapes that have urgent directional textures, contrasting colors, forceful linear rhythms, along side tender passages, and gentle resonances.

Artist Exhibitions

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023 Gaias Oracle, Archway gallery, Houston, TX
2023 Blue Art Car Museum, Houston.TX
2021 Consequential Journeys, Archway Gallery, Houston, TX
2019 Seeding - Blooming - Renewal, Archway Gallery, Houston, TX
2019 Recalling the Goddess, G Spot Gallery, Houston, TX
2017 Landscapes of the Goddess Within, Archway Gallery, TX
2016 Woman and her Symbols The Jung Center, Houston, TX
2015 ESSENCE, solo exhibit at Archway Gallery, Houston
2014 Paper Works Co Work Space, Cochabamba, Bolivia
2014 Totems beyond Patriarchy M Square Gallery, Houston
2013 Signs.Symbols. Sentinels. solo exhibit at Archway Gallery, Houston TX
2012 Cuerpos solo exhibit at Nos Caves Vin, Houston,Texas
2011 Primitive, solo exhibit at Redbud Gallery, Houston 77008
2011 Body,Surface,Signs, Archway Gallery, Houston, Texas
2009 Intimacies of Conflict, Gallery 3, Houston,Texas
2008 Alchemy, Gallery 3, Houston,Texas
2009 Corpo Palazzo dela Cultura, Verona, Italy.
2007 New Gallery G 3, Grand Opening, Houston,Texas
2006 Metamorphic Torsos, The Jung Center, Houston,Texas
2003 Art Crawl, Gallery3, Houston, Texas
2003 Back 2 Back, Gallery 3, Houston, Texas
2003 Imagologies,Crostinis, Houston, Texas
2000 Back Bone, Machorro Gallery, Houston, Texas
2001 Torsos Galeria Parker, Santiago Chile
1995 Becky R. Soria,Museo de Arte Portales, La Paz, Bolivia
1995 Becky R. Soria,Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. Cochabamba, Bolivia
1993 Becky Soria, Centro Americano, Boliviano, Cochabamba Bolivia
1992 Naturals, Ariel Gallery, Houston, Texas
1991 Introductions, Toni Jones Gallery, Houston, Texas
1090 Introducciones,Centro Americano Boliviano, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 Portraits during the Covid isolation Art Crawl, Mother Dog Studios. Houston, TX Houston, TX
2018 Animals Art Car Museum, Houston, TX
2017 Art on The Avenue Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX
2017 Day of the Dead. Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
2017 Trump This The Art Car Museum, houston, TX
2017 The First 100 Days Artists Respond the Silos, Houston, TX
2016 Lives Matter Art Car Museum, Houston TX
2016 Art Car Museum, Rorpost, EsbergHouston International Collaboration Project, Houston
2016 Rorpost, Esberg Houston International Collaboration Project, Art Chatter.
2016 Art on the Avenue, Winter Studios, Houston, Texas
2016 Lawndale Art Center, Retablos, Houston ,TX
2016 Art Crawl, Forests. Mother Dog Studios
2015 Art Crawl, Mother Dog Studios, Houston
2015 Day of the Death, Lawndale Art Center, Houston
2015 Art on the Avenue, Houston
2014 Freedom Place, The galleria, Houston
2014 Body Awareness,art exhibit for Star naked productions, Houston
2014 Art on the Avenue, Houston
2014 Art Crawl, Mother Dog studios, Houston
2013 Freeing the world in small spaces WIVLA project, printing Museum, Houston,TX curator Orna Feinstein

2013 Two Arts Project Art International in Dimensions project. Elina Htun

2013 Earth Energy through womens eyes, WIVLA project, Houston central Library Houston, TX curator

2013 Paper Cuts M Squared Gallery, project for 26 artists curated by Sharon Kopriva

2012 Body Talk project with Stark Naked productions, Spring Studios. Houston TX

2012 Art on the Avenue Winter Studios gallery, Houston TX

2012 Body Talk- El Lenguaje del cuerpo Colton Gallery, Houston Texas
2012 Art in Dimensions International, Two Arts Project, Houston, Texas
2011 Reconstruction The ArtCar Museum, Houston, Texas
2011 Gambol Art league of Houston, Texas
2011 Group exhibit Archway Gallery Houston, Texas
2011 Warriors an Introspective, Sculptures by Design,Houston, Texas
2010 Day of the Dead Lawndale Art center, Houston, Texas
2010 Art on the Avenue, Winter Studios Gallery, Houston, Texas
2010 Second Chances Archway Gallery, Houston,Texas
2010 Oasis Printing Museum, Houston, Texas
2009 Art on the Avenue, Winter Street Studios, Houston,Texas
2009 Autumn Projects, group exhibit, Gallery 3, Houston,Texas
2009 Day of the Dead, Lawndale Art Center, Houston,Texas
2009 Inner Corridor Art Crawl,Winter Studios Gallery 3, Houston, Texas
2009 Houston Press Artopia, Winter Studios, Houston Texas
2009 Lazzara Gallery, Houston,Texas
2008 Art on the Avenue, Winter Street Gallery, Houston, Texas
2008 Day of the Dead, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas
2008 Women in the Visual and Literary Arts print Photography Exhibit
Unabridged Editions. Museum of Printing History, Houston, Texas.
2008 Gallery 3 Group Exhibition, Houston, Texas
2008 The Inner Corridor Art Crawl,Winter Street Studios, Houston, Texas
2007 InternationalGallery, group exhibition, Houston, Texas
2007 Gallery 3, Group exhibition, Houston , Texas
2007 Art on the Avenue, Winter Studios Gallery, Houston, Texas
2007 Earth Visions,WIVLA Women for the Visual and Literary arts. The Museum of Printing History. Houston Texas
2007 Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston, Texas
2006 Day of the Dead, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas
2006 Lovett Gallery Group Exhibition, Houston, Texas
2006 Art on the Avenue Annual Art exhibition, Houston Texas
2006 Hats off to Her, celebrating 10 years of Womens archives, with WIVLA women visual and literary artists. Elizabeth Rockwell Pavilion, U of H, Houston, Texas
2006 Twenty Fourth Annual Juried Exhibition Visual Arts Alliance, Juror Clint WillourHouston, Texas
2006 Women and Their Journeys,The Center for the Arts and Sciences, Brazos Fine Arts Council, WIVLA Collaboration
2005 The Houston Municipal Art Commission City Hall exhibit, Houston, Texas
2005 The Back Room Show Gallery DIG 101, Houston, Texas
2005 Art on the Avenue exhibit, Houston Texas
2005 Show us your Feminism University of Houston Women Studies, honoring women in the 21st century.
2005 Visual Arts Alliance, Juried Membership exhibition Juror Harvey Bott Houston, Texas
2005 Coexisting Art International Decor Gallery, Houston,Texas
2005 Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston, Texas
2005 FACE The Art Car Museum, Houston, Texas
2004 New Works, WIVLA Collaboration, Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston, Texas
2004 Couples - Gallery 3. Houston, Texas
2004 The Art Crawl- Gallery 3, Houston, Texas
2004 22nd Juried Open Exhibition, Houston, Texas Virginia Cobb Juror,and author of Discovering the Inner Eye.
2004 Work on Focus- Gallery 3, Houston, Texas
2004 Day of the Dead- Glassel School of Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
2004 Art on the Avenue- Gallery 101- Houston, Texas
2004 Arte de las Americas Gallery- Consular International Art of the World.
2004 Twist and Turns, Women in the Visual and Literary Arts Collaborations. Printing Museum, Houston, Texas
2004 Open Juried Exhibition VAA Sally Sprout Juror
Williams Towers, Houston, Texas

2003 Crosses-,Las Manos Magicas, Houston Texas
2003 Art on the Avenue- Winter Street Art Space, Houston, Texas
2003 Visual Arts Alliance Juried Exhibit Polly Hammett artist and Art teacher, awarded third price for painting Houston, Texas
2003 Visual Arts Alliance Juried Exhibit C.T. Willour, Director Galveston Art Center

2002 Group Exhibit, Gallery 3, Houston, Texas
2002 Art on the Avenue Winter Street Art Space, Houston, Texas
2002 Visual Arts Alliance - Juried Exhibit C.T. Willour, Director Galveston Arts Center Houston, Texas awarded second price for painting
2002 Summer Group Exhibit, Gallery 3, Houston Texas
2002 Project Phoenix - Redbud Gallery, Houston, Texas

2001 Visual Arts Alliance - Juried Exhibit Sharon Kopriva international award winning artist, juror Houston, Texas
2001 Art on the Avenue Exhibition - Winter Street Art Space, Houston, Texas
2001 -Visual Arts Alliance Exhibit Lucas Johnson juror Houston, Texas
2001 - Art on the Avenue - Winter Street Art Space, Houston, Texas

1999 Visual Arts Alliance Open Juried Exhibit, Houston, Texas
Awarded second price. Juror C.T. Willour, Director Galveston Arts Center.
1998 Visual Arts Alliance - Juried Exhibit,Sally Sprout, Curator of Art, Juror Houston, Texas
1997 Open National Juried Exhibit, Houston, Texas. Awarded third price for mix media work Juror James Surls, Sculptor - Cleveland, Texas.
1996 Annual Visual Arts Alliance Open Juried Exhibit,Dr. William Otton,juror Houston, Texas
1995 Time Travelers Exhibit, Houston, Texas
1995 Celebrating Mother Earth Exhibit, Houston, Texas
1995 South American Visions Exhibit, The Exxon Art
League, Houston, Texas
1991 Annual Visual Arts Alliance Exhibit, Houston, Texas
1989 Introductions - Aries Gallery, Houston, Texas

BS,RN, Art Studies.

Private South American Art Studio Instruction.
Continued Art Education at Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas

Artist Publications

"Becky's works" Bruce Leutwyler: Philosopher, Art Critic living in Houston
"The Art of Becky" Stephen Adams: Freelance Art critic and Visual Artist living in Oregon
"Intensity of Personality" Aldo Cardozo: Writer and Art Critic living in Bolivia
Becky Soria, Ronald Martinez: Writter and Art Critic
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"Artistas en Bolivia": LosTiempos, Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Virginia Billeaud Anderson; becky Soria at Redbud Gallery 2011
002 Magazine, Redbud Gallery

Artist Collections

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Patino, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Office of Jose Karin Prada, Architect, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Office of Julio Rivas Casas M.D., Cochabamba, Bolivia
Giancarla Quiroga, Fiction Writer, Cochabamba, Bolivia
J.E. Cynthia Aranibar, Cochambamba, Bolivia
MTech Co, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ibiza Restaurant, Houston, TX, USA
Crostinis Restaurant, Houston, TX, USA
Office of Fred J. Bressler, M.D., Houston, TX, USA
Office of William K. Wright, M.D, Houston, TX, USA
Office of Russell Kridel, M.D. Houston, TX, USA
Office of Zentek Computer Consulting, Houston, TX, USA
Office of Kathy Frazar, DDS, Houston, TX, USA
Office of Peter Tursinovich, DDS, Spring, TX, USA
Office of Donna Kline, Psychoanalyst, Houston, TX, USA
Collection of Fernando Casas,Ph.D, Artist Professor, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA
Collection of Robert Derr, Sculptor, Houston, TX, USA
Collection of J.F Soria MBA. IBM, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Collection of Amy Hiett, MBA. Boulder Colorado, USA
Michael Kemper, Kemper Salon, Houston, Texas
Judith Farb,Houston, Texas
Office of Joe Sciulli, Houston, Texas
Iliana Marcoulesco, Philosopher and freelance writer, Houston,Texas
Mr and Mrs William Connelly, Houston, Texas
MrMrs Paul Lombardo, Auburn Hills, MI

Christian Rebeca Heibreder, Ph.D, Verona, Italy
Erica Meyer, Zurich, Switzerland
Gerolf Anneke Kramer, Holland

Ellen Winsted, Teacher, Houston, TX, USA
Office of Joe Sciulli, Houston, TX, USA
Ruth Leutwyler, Houston, TX, USA
Peggy and Daryl Delahaussey, collector in Houston, TX.
Kay Sheffield,Art collector in Houston, Tx
Carol and Fred Williamette, collectors in Houston, TX

Gus Kopriva Art Curator and owner of Redbud Gallery owner in Houston,Texas. Sharon Kopriva International Artist based in Houston,TX, USA
Jere Pfister, Play Writer, Houston, TX.
John Dunn, Art collector, Houston, TX.
Home of Ray Balenska, owner of Antique Collections, Houston, TX
Dr Peggy and Darryl Delahousey, art collectors in Houston
Mr and Mrs Williamette, art collectos in Houston
Kay Sheffield, collector
Steven Hill M.D.


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