Artist Statement -

All my pictures are autobiographical ones. To express myself, my own attitude to the world – just from these positions I touch with a nature, is it representation of the human person, work with landscape or still life. Each of them stores in itself its own world, world unique, mysterious and mute. Therefore the art for me is not entertainment and hack, but instrument for expression of the feelings, reflections by language of painting, by deep plastic of colour. And the nature is perceived not as the purpose for study of an environment and subjects – but it serves as cause for my thought, and then born means and language for expression of its essence. And as the final result - each concrete thing represented on a canvas, turns into any image. Only such approach to work with picture, I think, can influence with the extra emotional force on the spectator.
To this it would be desirable to add, that most vicious and terrible for the artist is an indifference and rest, that means selfcomplacency in work. It results the artist to drab and formless, both work and author himself. During work with a picture it’s important for me the conditions of intimacy. Only alone with a nature it is possible to work deeply and thoughtfully , to work with afflatus, with powerful heat. Only in intimate conditions it is possible to speak cordially and to express very deep experience. You see about large, sacred, most secret we do not shout...
To speak about painting it is difficult, it is almost impossible. The painting avoids words, for it has its own language, as well as each art. In art something should remain incomplete, therefore it is impossible to explain art. It should be not understood, but felt. It is the special world, with its own laws which are not submitting to other rules. Not all start up in this world. For this purpose it is necessary to have soul of the child - clean and open. The art is leftover, blood of life streams in it. The beginning of beauty incorporated in the nature - is eternal source of inspiration of the artist. Everyone perceives this nature differently, to be exact - in own way. All depends on a I.Q., depth of thinking and degree of emotional perception. Someone excited with the only external party of the world, its outside beauty, decorativity of colour contrasts. To me personally are touching by something in a nature its ordinary, its motives, noteless on the first sight. From here frequently put before itself a task how to make something unusual of the most ordinary motive
In creative life it happens so is intense will work in studio, will give all the best completely and mentally give to myself a team Belay, have done It is necessary to go for the truth. It I so name the campaigns on etudes. And, not reflecting, run on a nature. What was pleasure of creative activity in studio, it never can replace that pleasure, which you pass in hours working on nature. Fact of contact of the artist with a nature are highest motives. It is not only a pleasure, this is updating of the artist’s mind, enrichment of his soul, its soul’s continuous movement. It is possible to depict that was lived. And it’s only yours, inalienable. As yours and only your life, your pleasures and pains, your destiny...

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