Artist Statement

Born in Dublin, Ireland, my journey in image making began when I was around eight years old. I must have expressed an interest in photography because Santa Claus placed a beginner’s photo chemistry kit under our Christmas tree.

My parents had a old fashioned brass bed with heavy blankets that reached the ground. It was under there that I set up my “alchemists cave” and began a life long experiment in image making.

For me there is a need to express something more than the perfect likeness that the camera captures, a wish for the a bit of me to be felt in the work. I began trying to enhance my images using various techniques, including applying colour tints from the kits that, in those days, came with Kodak black and white processing.

I worked in several studios in Dublin, Ireland and London, and San Francisco and travelled extensively in Montana, Alaska, The Northwest Territories and the Yukon, during which time Ive had the priceless opportunity to work with some great professionals. Ive had access to state of the art studios in which to further my experiments with color, textures, tints and to explore printing techniques both traditional and contemporary.
The work of many other photographers has influenced me, were always walking in the footsteps of those before us. Investigating their skills lead to my using techniques such as adding pigments, layers of texture, the painted layers that give my work the look and feel it has today.

Over the years these techniques evolved on the road to finding my own voice in the world of photography. I suppose, in a way, the pursuit of any art is a search for your own voice. I have been lucky enough to have found a wobbly winding path to mine, and more importantly been very gratified that others have enjoyed my work.
It was a long and interesting development. The work I produced for my first exhibition in 1982, clearly showed the birth of an style that leads to the images of today.

Now I think of my camera as part of a process, a foundation really, providing a starting point on the road to the final work. I am enthralled by the way the opacity of layers influence each other, creating new blends and atmospheres, as they become part of each other. My work reflects this interaction, building my images with transparent or partially opaque textured layers through which you see the final image. A view of the world through my frosty window

Artist Exhibitions

Gallery 16
Great Falls

Ghost Art

Anaconda Art Expo

Expo Arte

New York City

Uptown Cafe - featured Artist

Hilton Hotel Altman Studio
Vancouver, Washington

Multimedia Show

Anaconda Art Expo
Anaconda MT

ArtExpoLas Vegas
Las Vegas

Ghost Art

Old West Museum
Western Spirit Art Show

Planet Bronze,

New York City

Philipsburg Art and Jazz

Artist Publications

Devon has a unique view of the world and it comes through in his imaginative images.
Rangefinder Magazine Aftercapture

"Devon captures whats truly elusive in Photography , atmosphere, and does it with a wonderful touch"

"This Artist portrays a vision and style unlike any artist working today"
Montana Art Gallery Directors Association.

Profile: Brian Devon - Beyond The Medium
Good art doesn't just show you something, it makes you feel something. It gives you a sense of the subject matter that goes deeper than the image itself. Artist Brian Devon captures this Impressionistic depth of feeling in his evocative images. He uses vibrant tone and mood in his photography to create layered images that are both dramatic and striking.
Tom Vandel, Rangefinder Magazine January 2007

"Devon's art transforms and transcends ordinary reality, one of the very few artists who can blend traditional and contemporary methods with such skillful elegance"
Montana Standard

"The Ghost Art Gallery has specialized in western and wildlife art for 32 years. Brian's unique art brings a refreshing impressionist look to "Western and Wildlife Art". His recent show was one of our most successful, we had a very large turnout, everyone was very impressed with Brian's work."
David Kettman
Ghost Art Gallery
Helena, Montana

"Devon captures whats truly elusive in Photography , atmosphere, and does it with a wonderful touch"

Artist Collections

Devon's art is held in numerous collections, State, Corporate and Private throughout the United States and Europe including:

Evergreen Federal Bank, Grants Pass, Oregon
Pat Johnson: MorganStanley/SmithBarney
Office of the Governor - Brian Schweitzer - State of Montana
First National Bank of Montana
The Gold Street Clinic, Butte, Montana
St.Peter's Hospital, Helena, MT/Civic Design, Gt. Falls MT
Mr. Jeffrey Monhart, Lorton, VA
Mr. Steve Russell, Kalispel, Montana
Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Carol Barton, Naples, Florida
Ms.Lynn Malley and Mr.Don Park, Oakland, California
Mr. Scott Hamel, Phoenix, Arizona
Mr. Gaylord Ingersoll, Colorado/Montana
Ms. Kelly Horner, Mill Valley, California
Mr. & Mrs Bill & Dawn Dee, Anaconda, Montana
Mr. Fred Boyer, Anaconda, Montana
Mr. & Mrs Brian & Susan Colley, Manchester, England
Ms. Erica Jennings, Bozeman, Montana
Mr. Joseph Shands Jr., Miami, Florida
Ms. Lynn Sheehan, Butte, Montana
Mr. & Mrs Jackie & Bart Bonney, Anaconda, Montana
Mr. Ty Hansen, West Palm Beach, Florida
Mr. B. Hurley, Cambridge, England
Mrs.Linda Bronson, Anaconda, Montana
Mr. & Mrs.Richard and Liz Willett, Philipsburg, Montana
Mr.John Stoppler, Opportunity, Montana
Mr. & Mrs George Williams, Phillipsburg, Montana
Ms. Caroline Gehring, Georgetown Lake, Montana
Mr.Bill Reier, Bozeman, Montana


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