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Calin Bogatean is a complete artist, painting it successfully covers all painted flowers and landscapes and portraits but icons are those that are the soul
Painting portraits, is the main object of study is dominated by art painting of icons, so the portrait is now the icon of Calin Bogatean. The portraits on canvas, the artist seeks not only to paint especially face to reproduce a realistic model technique or hiperrealista but finding the inner side of the model states. He graduated Universitatatii Art and Design Cluj Napoca, it approaches painting portraits by model and by either photograph recreating old black and white in color pictorial compositions times of family and loved characters. Calin Bogatean inner capture a moment of eternity to play. Personal gallery of portraits of states presents his personal studies that capture the artist's quest. Services include both portraiture and order portraits in oil and pencil portraits of people and animals: horses, dogs, cats.
Authentic-Art Painting your soul
Achievements: Painting Gallery, presents icons authentic, original paintings in tempera technique egg hard wood and glass, fresco painting, iconostases, iconographic paintings done and finished personal manner. Calin Bogatean organized camps for amateur artists painting and iconography in the Center for Traditional Culture and Artistic Education Mures, where he was coordinator, advisor and professor of art and under his guidance, participants, fans of icons on wood and glass have benefited technique and experience.

Spiritual models: Iconography addressed in his work is traditional Byzantine icon, painted Bogatean Calin each icon icons after original models made by the great painters, priests, masters of icon painters of Mount Athos. His works iconographic painting, monumental works are unique, especially the artist seeking spiritual icon. Icon artist is a window to God through prayer and spiritual saints sai.Trairea is the key that opens the door and you approach God through the icon. The artist is a tool that icon is revealed and his art is a testimony of sacrifice and faith.

Faith in the family: Icons on the wood and glass, is a prayer for the family Bogatean of sight, of thought, lips, voice, heart, silence and brush soaked in a little color dosed with humility like a prayer of prayer. Calin Bogatean, painted icons on wood with a seriousness and a special respect for religious art tradition Orthodox iconographic legacy of creation, which made the art to be a spiritual, transcendental. And Raluca daughter Roxana, his wife follows the iconographic tradition of painting, painting icons on glass traditional artistic values &<8203;&<8203;of Romanian cultural heritage. They approached music icon is successfully combined with a coat of arms making the act of creation: Faith, family and authentic art.

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