Artist Statement -

I freez paintings to see the moment as eternal and lost.
The colors of blood and nothingness join the subject as a visitation of life and death.
A fragile moment is destroyed and transformed by the presence of symbolic color.
The vision of a christening and an epitaph in each image withers the instant into an indestructible flake,
embalming life captured in a camera click in a shroud of meaning.

The hard scraping edge of a spatula is chosen tool for applying red, black, white, and resinous paint over canvas.
he application of color with a knife cuts away the possible in the destructive and tactile act like the movements used to remove a barnacle .
Each painting demands a new discovery.
The abstracts have led to landscapes with new technique. I tried to "forget about the previous" and sometimes paints over an earlier work as way of "ending up with the past." Each new work is a separate birth.
When the work is going well, I'm filled with a sense being complete and being part of it&<8230; as part of me.
Flesh of my flesh.

The way the underground comes up to us , it bottles up an intoxicating story .
the tension surround the explained versus the unexplained riddle that viewer
with questions that pursue much deeper through an ultimate through provoking
encounter . It gives amazingly creative perspective on the Human Condition ,
like a motif of a man who lives without purpose , finding only annasthetics.
the story behid it that everyone can relate with, compelling and hopefully
for me as an artist , enriching . That huge space that was made only for God
and the Devil.

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