Artist Statement -

I approach my work as a visual poem. Sometimes the meaning is simple and direct and other times it's more complex. I prefer to create work that is open-ended allowing the viewer their own interpretation of what I present.

I am primarily a painter preferring to work in acrylics as it allows me to make rapid revisions which helps keep the work fresh and immediate. The over-arching theme of my artwork is the human condition. I see the fabric of life as woven in opposites. By employing dualities like order/chaos, rough/smooth textures, themes of life/death, controlled effects/happy accidents, rational/irrational imagery, I try to paint interesting pictures that allow the viewer to see the world a bit differently.

I am also interested in the notion of time. I don't believe that time is linear but more like an echo. I try to avoid static imagery preferring to create a complex painting that unfolds as you look at it, with layers of imagery and meaning. I do this by preserving the process of editing and revision as I arrive at the final image.

Most recently I've been proceeding without a pre-conceived idea. I begin by preparing a ground of poured and spattered paint and then search the chance effects for imagery. The final painting shows the multiple layers of marks I've made on my journey to the finished painting.

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