Artist Statement -

Serenity, Beauty, Harmony.

In a perennially troubled world an artist has, generally speaking, two options in their creative process reflect the chaos or wallpaper over it. I have trouble imagining my living space decorated with turbulent images of despair and misery. Doesnt enough of the outside world invade ones life despite our best intentions Instead I offer images that inspire something more serene and calming to the soul. Visual anesthetic if you will.

Imbued in me during my formative years was an amalgam of form and function that was definitive 60s and 70s. A focus on the yin yang of feminine flowing curves and masculine angles permeated that time span. It was the era of the road-borne starship Lamborghini, the gold dot Movado watch, the Chanel perfume that encouraged you to share the fantasy on the manicured lawns of a fabulous mansion, and the sound barrier piercing icons of flight - the Concorde and SR71 Blackbird. This brew of influences inspired the following collection of photographic artworks which have been published nationally and seen in art galleries coast to coast.

Each one of these artworks is pre-visualized, crafted in dreams or visions, carefully planned, archived for the right moment, the right opportunity, the right model to come along and bring to life, executed with precision, and painstakingly massaged into the final artwork. What do they mean A statement about life in some cases, a wry observation in others, and many times nothing at all. Just something that relieves anxiety, and I find that to be more than enough.

I take each of my fans and clients very seriously. Every artwork I sell makes two powerful statements

First, that you value my work enough to take dollars out of your pocket and put them into mine. At that moment youre making a decision not to buy gas, or pay the rent or mortgage, or food, or a million other things that vie for your attention, instead valuing how meaningfully joyful my image is to you.

And secondly, theres a good chance that my work will outlast my life, possibly even yours. Ill have had a chance to make a positive mark in the world. And continue doing so long after I, the author of these works, am gone and forgotten, the way you have likely forgotten the photographers who shot Marilyns flying dress, or the sailor kissing the woman at the end of WW2.

Both statements bring me immense gratitude, honor, and privilege. And I thank each of you deeply for that.

Artist Exhibitions

2020 Group Exhibition Detroit Dirty Show, Detroit MI
2019 Group Exhibition Detroit Dirty Show, Detroit MI
2018 Group Exhibition Miami Undressed, Miami FL
2017 Group Exhibition Detroit Dirty Show, Detroit MI...

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