Artist Statement -

My art practice has its currency deep in the post-modern age, yet flirting in the modernist manner with colour field, and somewhat entrenched in the abstract expressionist approach to deliver what I am about.

I paint to elicit and evoke a reaction from the viewer, whatever, some distant memories, and some lost feelings that may be deeply entrenched, but have perhaps been kept subordinate by the passage of time. However, by contemplating and letting go, one begins to comprehend the work and become one with the work.

In my painting, I work with abstraction; pulling and pushing the paint to achieve desired results. I paint in a gestural manner; always arranging and scratching if required on different planes that overlap one another and blend into real shapes to create a world of mystery and sensuality from past memories and journeys.

This visceral emotional reaction to something in my work comes from somewhere deep within, and it can empathize to the inner recess of each person... My work is intuitive; colour and gestural strokes are the language that I use to express those responses. It is the interaction of colour and gesture that drive me. It is the colour and shape that interests me and how the colour interacts.

When I paint I try to share my experiences through the colours I employ and let the vibration of the various colours bring about memories and deeply entrenched thoughts.

Naturally there are many things and ideas taking place in my head, my paintings are based on the journey I have taken and where I am at present as well as where it will take me. These ideas are distilled on the canvass sequentially, almost al-chemically. While I paint there is a general notion as to where I am going and where I need to go. At times the painting is lost and this has to be recovered, this can take many turns until it is resolved.

Artist Exhibitions

- 1995 graduate exhibition Exit at the Uni SA
- 1995 solo Blue Iguana café in Adelaide, SA
- 1995 solo Stressed Out in Adelaide CBD ,SA
- 1995 group exhibition Odeon in Adelaide
- 1995 Winner of UNISA Library Inaugural Annual Prize SA
- 1996 Group exhibition Nexus Multicultural Art Centre,Adelaide SA
- 2001 solo Bonnart Gallery Hampton, Melbourne VIC
- 2002 solo Chamarel Restaurant, Richmond Melbourne VIC
- 2014 solo at the Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin Melbourne VIC
- 2015 group exhibition at Without Pier gallery, Sandringham VIC
- 2015 group exhibition at Tacit Contemporary Gallery, VIC
- 2015 Summer group exhibition at Ashok Jain Gallery, New York USA...

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