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“Aspire to happiness, to calm a tempestuous soul, towards serenity “– that’s the way Eli Gross articulates the nature of his art. In his youth he was a student of the famous artists Jacob (Yoyo) El Hanani and Gabi Ben Zano. Recently after half a century of a demanding carrier, Eli has finally realized his age old dream. He studies art at Avni institute and is an active artist, painter and sculptor.
Eli’s longing for happiness is molded into the harmonious movement of his dancer characters. The same ideas are also conveyed in a silent embrace or pastoral landscape. The underpinning notion is one of harmonies stasis and nirvana.
A longing for absolute happiness and tranquility for a turbulent soul, for moments of serenity facilitated by silent embrace and harmonious movement of two unique souls and two intimate bodies in synchronized flow merging in body and soul.
An interesting path leads Eli’s work that starts as a drawing, then a burgeoning imagery, maturing into a painting and sometimes a multi-dimensional sculpture all born of a single idea.

Artist Exhibitions

The Habima Theatre the national theatre of Israel 08.2014

The Habima Theatre the national theatre of Israel 10.2014

Jaffa Port The bars space 6.09-1.10.2014

Jaffa Port The bars space 2-28.10.2014

Erez Coffee House Kfar Saba 19.8-19.11.2014

Local city museum - April 2015

Erez Coffee House Kfar Saba - April-July2015

The Gallery on Lake, Raanana - May 2015, Curator: Doron Polak

Givatayim Theater - June 2015, Curator: Doron Polak

ZOA Gallery, Tel Aviv - June-July 2015, Curator: Doron Polak

Israeli business daily "Globes". Editorial board , July-Oct 2015, Curator: Doron Polak

Erez Coffee House Kfar Saba Aug-Nov 2015

Beit Sapir Auditorium Nov-Dec 2015

Erez Coffee House Kfar Saba Dec 2015 - Feb 2016

ZOA Gallery, Tel Aviv - Feb-Mar 2016, Curator: Doron Polak

Artist Home, Kfar Saba - April 2016

Rotterdam International - Sep 2016

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