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Hyacinthe Kuller Baron,New York City, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs Artist. The Art Museum Trust Archives are currently preparing a Catalogue Raisonne.
as Paintings from the Past
become Icons for the Future
Exhibited only on Internet Art Galleries.

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In the future Ed and Hyacinthe Baron will exhibit only on virtual art gallery web sites on the world-wide-web., ,,,,

In the past the artist and her manager husband of 39 years maintained art galleries nationwide. Hyacinthe always enjoyed meeting collectors visiting her galleries on Madison Avenue, NYC, Palm Desert and Beverly Hills, CA. They received the maximum number of visitors, as many as 500 visitors at one time, who can physically attend a gallery opening and possibly 1000 over a month. The limitations of attendance are a built in along with the lease, rent, advertising and other business expenses.

In the 2000’s they discovered a more economical and successful venue on the Internet. Since 2003 Hyacinthe Baron exhibited her art on a Premiere Portfolio on and received 500 to 5000 visitors a day and as many as 11,000 and more viewers in a month. Her works receive even more views on the search engines due to the popularity of this site.

Art Collectors can also revisit favorite works in her portfolio frequently at their convenience. This allows for a greater degree of intimacy for potential art buyers and the artworks they are contemplating buying.

Life comes full circle as from out of the past art collectors contact the artist to describe the joy Hyacinthe’s work has brought to their family for almost 50 years. Delighted to be able to discover the artist again and to reach her and to learn of the current value of the works they own.

Many would not think of parting with their “Hyacinthe” and are now able to insure the works and pass them on to their children. Others are downsizing and reluctantly must make their piece available again to the Art Market. Hyacinthe must validate the works and issue a Certificate of Authenticity and a Provenance.

To the artist’s delight she discovers the whereabouts of many of the early paintings she thought lost to her forever. In the past art galleries did not feel it necessary to inform the artist when a sale was made.

1962: Christopher Street, Greenwich Village, NYC: The first art gallery exhibition of large paintings on the themes of Motherhood and Womanhood by New York City Artist Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron, (a companion of many of the artists of the 50’s and 60’s, Jackson Pollok, Franz Kline, Marcel Duchamp.Wilhelm DeKooning, John Chamberlain, George Segal and so many others, Bob Dylan, Bill Cosby, Joan Baez, Judy Collins.) A young couple admires and purchases an oil painting of a young mother and child. An older sophisticated couple buys a large 4ft by 5ft canvas of three women based on the mythic image of the Three Graces and painted in a modern idiom.

Distributed exclusively by the fine art dealer Herbert A Starr, expensively framed, Hyacinthe’s original oil paintings find their way to art galleries nationwide: W&J. Sloane, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, NY: Merrill Chase, Chicago, Howard Mann in New Hope, Pa., Graphic Art Galleries, La Cienega and Todd Galleries, Beverly Hills, CA and N.J. and so many others. Art collectors buy most every painting the prolifically inspired young artist creates and exhibits. Expensive for the times but due to an economic boom, a frenzy of art collecting of Hyacinthe’s art and other young living artists begins in earnest.

Today Hyacinthe’s contemporary images of women, and mothers and children stand as icons of modern artistic expression of the beauty of the female spirit. Early paintings are considerably rare as the artist no longer creates originals on these themes.

The artist moved on to produce a diverse body of work that includes sculptures, videos, published books and ultimately fashion collections created from the love for fashion that always informed and inspired her art.

Currently Hyacinthe’s larger paintings from the 60's begin in the $35,000’s. Most are in the $70,000.00 to $350,000 and up price range. A demand for Giclees of original paintings has been created. Often they replace an original that has been sold or are shared with family members. (Photographic prints digitally rendered on canvas are touched by the artist’s hand and signed by Hyacinthe. Custom created in limited numbered editions or open ended and available in the affordable $3,500.00 to $7,500.00 and up price range.)

Ed Baron has stated: “It is not only the value that makes Icons of Hyacinthe’s paintings from the past, or that they were sold at auctions and in galleries, it is the artistic talent, mastery of technique, intrinsic knowledge of the figure, and display of undeniable inspiration and emotion. Perhaps it is the sense of movement in time, capture of moments before or after, the loose brushstrokes and dripping of paint, stark shadows that delineate form and draw the viewer in to complete the figures and to see images derived from their own imaginations that has brought Hyacinthe’s art full circle.

In the future Art Gallery websites on the Internet will feature ongoing Exhibitions of Hyacinthe’s Collectors Art from the Past as they continue to become available. New collectors will join those from the past: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Martha Raye, Malcolm Forbes, Maude Adams, Joan Lunden, Jack Benny, Rod McKuen, Fred de Cordova, Joan Crawford, Charles Mingus, Ambassador and Mrs. Bartle Bull, Princess Luciana Pignatelli, John Lennon, Hal Linden, and so many more, private collectors and public institutions.

As in the past during the “gallery days” Collectors can negotiate the terms of a purchase directly with the Barons or through staff, or buy directly through paypal.

For questions, or just to let the artist know of your experience of her art contact For Immediate Release: 2008
Public Relations Contact: Sharon Cooper, 760 408 1881

AWE, (ART WORKSHOP EXPERIENCES) RETREATS and daily workshops in Palm Springs at the Hyacinthe Baron art studios are based on Hyacinthe's best selling how-to art books. A lecturer and teacher, Hyacinthe Baron innovated a new art technique: "Making Your Mark tm" to empower creativity in seminars and workshops which have been expanded in best selling art books CREATIVITY, Making Your Mark by Drawing, Seeking the Silent Stranger, Drawing Your Way into the Deeper Self and DRAWING by Making Your Mark, A successful Art Technique for drawing and creativity.

HYACINTHE KULLER BARON'S short narrative film IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT SPIRITS is a Whitney Biennial and fillm festival submission and is included in the Detroit MONA Museum of New Art Archive. The spiritual journey along desert roads features digitally manipulated images of Hyacinthe's paintings and sculpture and is accompanied by poetic narrative by the artist and music by Zamfir. See the trailer on

"What makes the art of American Master Artist Hyacinthe Baron valuable is that her artworks have been auctioned and sold by prominent auctioneers and has intrinsic value provided by the open bidding art market."

Hyacinthe Kuller Baron is a contemporary artist for 50 years. Widely collected, she creates images of the Beauty of the Female Spirit in Paintings, Drawings, Graphic Prints,Portraits and Artistic Books inspired by the female spirit.

Hyacinthe Baron paintings and drawings are featured in a collection of published book covers designed by the artist for a variety of trade paperback editions of her published novels and how-to art books as well as other books. This unique gallery of master artist Hyacinthe's art is unique to the publisher

Hyacinthe's Subject matter is: Artistic books, Drawings, Erotic, Equine, Fantasy, Floral, figurative, Mythology, Nudes, Portraits.
Themes are: Animals,Horses, Wolves ,Children, Mother and Children, Beautiful women, Death, Family, Religious, Visionary.

Art-Hyacinthe Kuller is renowned world-wide and is in The Smithsonian, The HYACINTHE KULLER BARON ART MUSEUM Trust and other museums, public, private and celebrity collections such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, Martha Raye, Malcom Forbes and many others.

Artist Statement from Hyacinthe Baron, American Master Artist.
Born 1936...NYC. "Life is a journey and I have searched for ideals and
values. Always looking for a way to disregard the pain of reality and
immerse my viewer and collectors in beauty.
As a Master Artist I strive to capture emotions and movement according to my mentor Marcel Duchamp.
I seek to convey the power of creativity: from the first marks on
my paper and canvas, to the first drawings of my fashion and home decor designs, to the first words of my published novels, self-improvement books and poetry.

Who is the female in my paintings, drawings, graphic prints, artistic
books in print?

"She" is 'Cassandra' - the mythical prophetess whom none would believe. She is the model I have been portraying during my professional artistic career of more than forty years.
She represents the beauty of the human spirit.
She is an 'Aspara'. The female as my aesthetic ideal and my portrayal of how the duality of human nature becomes an expression of harmony."

Hyacinthe Baron portrays fantasy images of women as Sci-Fi and Fantasy paintings and sculptures and the subjects are drawn from her mythological novels about'Cassandra'and 'Asparas' in all aspects of the female: Alluring, sensuous, a courtesan, tender as mother with child. The inspiration to artists and poets.Often animals represented by a horse or wolf display the male aspect.

Hyacinthe Baron artworks and books in print may be viewed at her websites.,,
Search on the web:Hyacinthe, Hyacinthe Kuller, Hyacinthe Kuller Baron, Hyacinthe Baron
Search images: Most of the art works by Hyacinthe appear here courtesy of

Artist Exhibitions

The Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron Exhibition “ANIMAL NATURE” is the innaugural show of original paintings and digital computer graphics. At the Computer Arts Gallery at 4985 Voltaire in Ocean Beach, 92107.
The powerful, large paintings and drawings are commentaries on human nature and the way we perceive animals. In “Out of the Deep”; a 5’ x 6’ giant head of a whale stares at us with one eye as it emerges from an acrylic sea of aquamarine and rich blues. The palette deepens to darkest greens in the large glimmering image of dying fish in “Dead River Slough”. Fearsome dogs attack the viewer in “Dogs of War”, a fierce reaction to 9/11 and an artist’s visual expression of the ugliness in both animal and human nature.
Hyacinthe’s masterful Drawings in charcoal capture images of animal subjects in what Marcel Duchamp described as “a drawing technique so succinct the artist proves she is one of the finest draughtsmen alive today.”

Digitally rendered prints graphically alter the images showing the changes that can be created on the computer. The software expertise required is the logic behind the Computer Arts Gallery: Owner Steven Kramer, an expert computer technician refers to the juxtaposition as the point "Where Arts and Computer Technology Meet."
Kramer is an advocate for and keeps up with new developments. He plans on having a 3D digital camera and monitor display to photograph Hyacinthe’s paintings so guests will be able to see this new stereoptic technology. The mages will appear in his forthcoming book, “State of the Computer Arts”: 3D glasses will be included.
A champagne opening for the exhibition on November 21st 6 to 9PM heralds the official debut of this important business concept.
Hyacinthe’s “ANIMAL NATURE” Exhibit continues through December, 2009 and another champagne event is slated for Sunday, November 29th from 2pm to 6pm. To rsvp the free events call 760 408 1881.

Allied Artists of America, NY
National Academy Galleries, NY
Huntington Hartford Museum, NY
Concord Museum, CA
Smithsonian Institution, Wash. DC
The National Museum, Women in the Arts Exhibition, "A Walk on the Wildside, El Paseo, Palm Desert
The Phoenix Symphony, AZ
Sun City Museum, AZ
Bullocks, CA, AZ
The Broadway, CA
Nieman Marcus, NY, AZ
Bonwit Teller, NYC
The Orange County Aids Foundation: Rock Hudson Portrait
Lord &Taylor, NYC
Saks 5th Avenue, NYC
Brussels World Fair, Belgium
Palm Springs Playhouse, "Equus"
The Art Students League, NYC
The Stallone Fund for Autism, Santa Monica, CA
The Christopher Stevens Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Collier Coleman Galleries, LA
Todd Galleries, Beverly Hills, CA
The Drawing Room Downtown Galleries, S.D. CA
Baron Galleries, Rodeo Drive, CA
Baron Galleries, Laguna Beach, CA
Baron Galleries, San Diego, CA
Hyacinthe the Gallery, Madison Avenue, NYC
Baron Galleries, San Francisco, CA.
Howard Mann Galleries, New Hope, PA
Herbert A. Starr Gallery, NYC
The Detroit Mona Museum, Detroit, Mi.

Artist Publications

Marcel Duchamp
"The genius is evident. Hyacinthe is a great draughtsman and a master of the arts. With a few strokes she gives life and emotion to drawing."

John Lennon
"Hyacinthe's ability to draw has been inspirational to me while working on my "Bag One" Suite of lithographes."

Joe Meyer on Art: Art Critic, The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA
"Hyacinthe Baron's successful career has spanned more than 35 years...
her pallette is a limited one, her visiion is large."

The Independent Publisher
"Hyacinthe Kuller Baron's Making Your Marktm Art Technique does have valid applications in art therapy, confidence building, stress relief, and creativity enhancement in general."


Artist Collections

Elizabeth Taylor
Jacqueline Onassis
Marilyn Monroe
Martha Raye
Joan Lunden
Princess Lee Radziwill
Princess Luciana Pignatelli
Princess Rispigliosi
Jack Benny
Fred de Cordova, Producer, Tonight Show
Diana Ross
John Lennon, Beatle
Jane Russell
Hal Linden
Malcomb Forbes
Rod McKuen
Joan Crawford
Charles Mingus, Jazz Musician
Ambassador and Mrs. Bartle Bull
Lady Slim Keith
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Louise Nevelson, sculptor
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Oscar De La Renta,"
Mary McFadden, "
Givenchy "

Smithsonian Institution, Lynton Kistler Collection
Huntington Hartford Museum, NYC
Concord Museum,Contra Costa Ca.
Hyacinthe Kuller Baron Museum, CA
Sun City Art Museum, Az.
San Diego Center for the Blind
San Francisco Arts Commission Collection
Vincent Price Collection
Ford Motor Company, Corporate Collection
IBM Corporation, Corporate Collection
Beatrice Foods
Boy's Town of Italy

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