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As his day job Isaac is president and CEO of Baltic Street AEH Inc. A non-for profit agency that helps people coping with mental health issues deal with advocacy, employment and housing based in New York city.

Mr. Brown has been painting for over 35 years. This self-taught artist has been previously employed in a variety of jobs including lumberjack, diamond cutter, welder and sergeant in the Israeli Defense Forces.

It was during his time in the IDF as a young sergeant during periods of down time that he first picked up a brush and paints to begin to express his artistic creativity. Later in between maneuvers, during his time in the first Lebanese War, he began experimenting with whatever materials were available to a young soldier, creating sculptures and roadside art along the way from one camp to another as a release from the daily pressures and responsibly of caring for his fellow soldiers.

After leaving the army he traveled the world extensively continuing painting and sculpting along the way. He spent a considerable time amount living in Europe and thus bringing to his art a unique worldwide perspective. His artwork reflects the passion and visions of many years he has spent painting the unique outlook he has on life. As a result of his travels his work has been internationally collected, in addition he has shown his work in many venues in the New York area, including Borough Hall Brooklyn and at Gallery 18 in 2002. His work is also on exhibition at 330 -5th Avenue and 90 Broad Street both in New York City.

He has won various awards for his art including the Sonya Brodsky Memorial Award for the furthering of the arts. His work has also been used for promotional venues and events in the form of postcards, invitations, posters and T-shirts. Mr. Brown is also in the process of creating a T-shirt line with his digital art.

Upon his return to America, he married and settled in New Jersey where he and his wife are raising their 16-year-old daughter, continues to paint canvases of breath taking beauty and clarity. He is constantly experimenting with both color and structure and his vision of conflicting forces in the universe.

Artist Exhibitions

The crossings
albany ny
May11 2006

Gallery 18
new york city


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