Artist Statement -

Four years ago I wrote: “I feel better when I paint. Period.” My sentiment has not changed one bit.

I am motivated by this unquenchable thirst for learning, for change, for newness. Although change is often discomforting, I know the secret to my personal happiness is constant change. I do not do well sitting idle. Painting and creating are the tools I depend upon which guarantee my changing, evolving, and progressing as a human being.

On the surface, I continue to be inspired mainly by color, which I take full advantage of with my palette. On the subsurface, I wish to convey truth and honesty in my work – through my interpretation of whatever the subject matter may be. These are vague terms appropriately describing intangibles. Discovering the essence of things is my passion - putting it on canvas is MY essence.

Artist Exhibitions

October 2011 West Annapolis Gallery
March 2011 Fells Point Corner Theater
August 2010 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
August 2010 Antreasian Gallery
July 2010 Howard County Open, HCAC
May-June 2010 Second Chance Saloon
May 2010, Barnes & Noble, Ellicott City, Honorable Mention
2010 Art Gallery of Fells Point
February 2010 WSSC Headquarters
October 2009 WSSC Headquarters
2009 Art Gallery of Fells Point
December 2005 Bernice Kish Gallery, Slayton House
October 2005 WSSC Headquarters
May 2005 Borders Books, Bowie
January 2005 Riverside Roastery, Columbia
November 2004 Delaplaine Visual Arts Center
May 2004 Delaplaine Regional Juried Exhibit, Juror Jay Fisher, Senior Curator Baltimore Museum Of Art
April 2004 Barnes & Noble, 3rd Place
October 2003 Hoffberger Gallery
October 2002 Bernice Kish Gallery, Slayton House

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Artist Collections

Mr. & Mrs. Whitney, Maryland

Art Gallery of Fells Point

The Antreasian Gallery

B&O Railroad Museum

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