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Painting, drawing, and to a lesser degree, photography, have been the driving creative force in my life for the past two years. The changing circumstances of life have allowed this to happen, and for this I am quite grateful. Pin and ink, liquid watercolors, acrylics, and the mixing of mediums are used for these works. My art is somewhere between reality and fantasy, with perhaps a unique style (as all are) which is slowly maturing. Much of my work I try to make light, colorful and fun, and even somewhat premitive with a touch of fantasy. Rustic little cabin scenes, and most seascapes perhaps show this best. Landscapes--mountains, trees, ocean and beach scenes, these are my favorite subjects. I prefer to work quite small. Most paintings and drawings come with wooden 11"X14" frames and hand selected colored mattes. These smaller sized works I have found to be excellent for creating pictures that are both colorful enough and detailed enough to carry an "impact".

A few fine art's photographs taken back in the late eighties, some of which were published by a national calendar company in 1989 and 90 are also offered here. Those hundreds of hours looking through a lens at some of the most fantastic colors, glowing and scintillating through the cut prisms of beautiful gemstones and natural quartz, is quite memorable. The colors schemes embedded in my mind fromthis experience, perhaps has a carry over into my present art work. A few recent nature and seacape phogographs will also be found here.

Signed and numbered prints of all my art work are also available through Absolutearts. Most can be purchased in larger format, with corresponding pricing. Enquire if you wish.
Please enjoy.
James Parker

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