Artist Statement -

Painting to me is an expression, interpretation, and appreciation of the world around me. In my opinion any art should inspire and elevate the human spirit. These types of art works are immortal, such as the works of the old masters.
In my paintings I strive to achieve these ideals. I would describe my works as related as representational realism.
In my seascapes I bring many different colors together to illustrate the movement of water. In my landscapes and still life works I like to emphasize the play of light as it hits a focal point. I like to paint in oil because I can achieve this sense of light and motion by glazing over layers, as well as in oil I can achieve a richness that I find limiting in other mediums.
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Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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Artist Collections

Dr. Ekkehard Kemmann NJ, USA
Johanna Kloeter PA, USA
Shirly and Tom Williams PA, USA
Edith Stern, NJ, USA
Lucy and Eric Oakes Finland, Europe
Hermine Trattnig, Villach, Austria
Renata Smith, Vienna, Austria
Katalin Szollosi, Budapest, Hungary
Peter Luczay, Toronto, Canada


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