Artist Statement -

Luise 'Mignon' Andersen

Luise 'Mignon' Andersen has only recently begun to reveal her lifes work.
Soon after her debut she exploded onto the mainstream art world. Her
breathtaking pieces have captured international interest.

The stories Luise 'Mignon' is telling through her truly deep, layered works
seem to decipher the past and foretell the future, perhaps sharing her
window to other dimensions and a seventh sense.

Her detailed acrylic 'Mignon' series speaks to the beholder. They inspire raw
emotion and ignite ones imagination. The indescribable nature of the
"Duree De Ma Vie" in particular has a growing portion of the art community
considering it the conception of an entirely new style.

By Maxi c)2006

Guided Through Inner Mind- Intuition- Mental Imagery- I Create The Final Of What I Am Consciously Not Aware Of.. That I Want...... Need...
With Each Completed Painting... Eye Of Core Gains a Glimpse Of My Tomorrow.... c) LA

I crave.. painting...drawing... sculpting... writing... Like re-inventing my life... my purpose... myself..
.Gives me a direction.. the courage to look at myself ..and find 'ME' there... At least for the duration of creating..
....and once I collect these shards of my core within colors, shapes... form...word.. I
'see' myself ,, and You.

As an artist sharing my best work globally with art viewers.. who out of curiosity... hunger for beauty.. love... or the desire to check out the latest... what ever individual reason, visit my site, I feed also on Your response... Be it encouraging, critically... loving- or not..

Please, remember.... my exposure increases vulnerability.... of this artist... I trust, whatever You enter in my book.. will make me grow and delight Your senses with exquisite offerings of my creative gifts.

Please have the courtesy to send me Your 'echoes' resonnating from my work my 'Guestbook'... which I daily check.


Luise ' Mignon' Andersen

Artist Exhibitions

December 25th, 2008 - January 24th of 2009-- This to me very privileged exhibit - is with precious art pieces by GREAT Master Lee, Sun-Don, who's work I admire most severely!! - wow..Fan ;-) and Alessandro Consonni who I met in Europe and blown away by his creations then too.. This show is open under the theme of " Three Top Artists Of Camaver " with brand new, modern..grand! space and beautiful X-Power Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan, Province Of China.


December 13th to 25th, 2008- In this group of international, great artists creations in "Grand Opening Exhibit of X-Power Gallery" my creations Touch, Top Award recipient of First, Second and Third in competitive shows,in Fontana, California-- and Desert Sherbet with First and Second Top Awards also in competitive shows in Fontana, California will be exhibited. This prestigious Gallery, one of three- Beverly Hills, California, USA, Bejing, China and Taipee, Taiwan, exhibits strictly selected artworks of international most talented artists. Am honored, to exhibit with this prestigious, great, modern, beautiful gallery.


June 2008, Beautiful Exhibit of strictly selected artworks by international selected contemporary artists at historical, ancient 'Cesi' Palace- in charming resort city Acquasparta, Umbria, Italy. Exhibit by prestigious Camaver Kunsthaus International, Italy and Municipality of Acquasparta, Umbria, Italy. Am so thrilled, to be again at this wonderful, to me so beautiful ancient palace.


June 1st, 2007 Inauguration of 4th Ancient Palaces Exhibition at 'Cesi'Palace, Acquasparta, Umbria, Italy. 19 international artists contemporary artpieces on exhibit.. Theme of exhibit 'Coleum'..The Skies... Five pieces , 'Duree De Ma Vie', Fenetre D'Esprit', 'Fractions Of A Moment', 'Within Self', 'Melancholie' of my 'Mignon' series are on exhibit through June 2007. Exhibit arranged and directed and promoted by Camaver Kunsthaus International Galleries,Lecco,Lombardie, Italy and Municipalities of Acquasparta, Umbria, Italy.


On February 13, 2007- Assembly in Honor of Black History of America, at Sierra Middle School, Riverside, California. Exhibit of several Original Charcoal Artpieces.. As well as one Pastel- and one Watercolor Artpiece. Guestartist with great Artist Mr. Leo Evans, who showed this time also several of his Original beautiful, colorful Drawings. (Last year we introduced several of our Original Paintings). Enjoyed the hospitality of the staff as well as enthusiastic welcome by several classes of children.


Thanks to Invitation through Camaver Kunsthaus International Galleries, Italy, Inauguration of First Solo Exhibit, luckily with this artist present, was on Dec. 11th, at 6 p.m. in association with Camaver Kunsthaus International at Gallery Adam & Eve, in Paris, France. Show was open until Dec. 31, 2006 .
The original masterpieces of my 'Mignon' c) series 'Duree De Ma Vie', 'Within Self', 'Enter Black Mirror', 'Fenetre D'Esprit', 'Melancholie' and 'Fractions Of A Moment' were on exhibit.
Popular French Art Magazine/Catalogue , Le livre Artistes Contemporains ' LA GAZETTE DES ARTS' , Directeur Georges Levy, covered my Solo Exhibit. < 112, Dec. 2006, pg.62


NEW SURPRISE for this artists Mignon Series c)

In November 2006, Camaver Kunsthaus International planned a Solo Exhibit of my Mignon' series in Sondrio, Northern Italy, at their Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery, which was inaugurated just this beginning of summer.
This gallery of contemporary arts is 'tuned in' to the contemporary artworks of local artists and international artists and art appreciators. Ms Simona Cao, who 'runs' this new gallery, directed the exhibit of five of my original 'Mignon' masterpieces, which I appreciate very much. She presented my masterpieces and this artist, the way I would have. See images of the beautiful gallery and more info re. this gallery on (click on photography and Sondrio).
Look forwards to hopefully receive some photos pertaining to this exhibit, so I can share with my art appreciators.
Had the pleasure to meet Ms Simona Cao first time- in Paris, at my solo exhibit there; I was glad to have the chance to thank her in person in regard to her exhibit of my works as well as representing me. (which is quite a challenge ).


DECEMBER 14th, 2006 to DECEMBER 31,2006

SOLO Exhibit By Enthusiastic Invitation Of Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery
International At Their Gallery In Paris, France. My Paintings :
'Within Self', 'Melancholie', 'Duree De Ma Vie ', ' Les Visages Des Autres' And
'Enter Black Mirror', and hopefully I can finish three more, Will Be Exhibited.
Also Additional To This Wonderful Privilege, A Full Page Coverage Of My
Works Will Be Published In The Famous French Art Magazine 'Gazette Des
Artes' Either Before- Or After The Exhibition.


Coming Up:

Nov. 2006
On Exhibit By Gracious Invitation Of Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery
International At Their Modern Gallery Showrooms In Lecco, Italy. My
Paintings Of The 'Mignon' Series: Within Self, Melancholie, Enter Black
Mirror, Duree De Ma Vie, And Les Visages Des Autres Will Be On Exhibit .


2006 June 3 -
July 3, 2006 By Invitation Of Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery International,Italy,To
Exhibit Under The High Sponsorship Of The Municipality Of Aquasparta,
Umbria, Italy, At The Ancient 'Cesi Palace' Of Aquasparta.
My Art Pieces -- Melancholie, Duree De Ma Vie, Les Visages Des Autres,
Within Self, Enter Black Mirror, Will Be Exhibited With The Art Works
Of Other Selected International Contemporary Artists. This Exhibit Is The
Most Privileged In The 'Ancient Palaces' Editions By Camaver Kunsthaus
Gallery International, Lecco, Italy During The Year 2006.


2006-March Exhibit/Cultural Info Sessions As Guest Artist On Request By Master Artist
Mr. Leo Evans For 7th Grade Students, Teachers And Staff In Library Of
Sierra Middle School, Riverside, California, USA


2005 By Invitation Via: 'Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery Internationale', Italy
Exhibition Of 1 Original Work 'Within Self', In State Museum Torre
Viscontea (built l650) In 'Lecco', Lombardie, Northern Italy.
Artwork of 22 Global Selected Artists ( 8 months research), Were
Exhibited For The Exclusive Series Of Exhibitions In "Ancient Palaces",
By: Camaver Kunsthaus, The Largest Italian International Gallery.
in collaboration with the City of Lecco, Lombardy, Italy.
EXHIBIT was November 11, 2005 through to Dec. 2005


l996 - Fontana Art Association, Inc.
'Modern Impressionism'
Luise 'Mignon'Andersen, Dorothy Anderson, Karin Jordal

Fontana, Ca.


l998 - Fontana Art Association, Inc.
'The Eclectic Seven'
Luise 'Mignon' Andersen, Dorothy Anderson, Susielies Blakelock, Karin Jordal,
Sandra 'Hoot' Lytle, Blanche Phillips, Steve Walling.

Fontana, Ca.


l999 - Mary Vagle Museum & Nature Center
'Nature Art Exhibit'
Joan Allen, Luise 'Mignon' Andersen, Felipe Avila, Susielies Blakelock, Michele
Bringier,Shirley Briant, Bill Coxon, Sonja and Kathy Jaramillo, Sandra 'Hoot' Lytle,

Margi Meyer,Luis Ojeda, James Readman.

Fontana, Ca.


l999 - Fontana Art Association, Inc.
'Cast Paper, Ceramic Sculpture & Pots Exhibit'
Luise 'Mignon' Andersen, Andrea Khaligh, Peggie Musolino, Patrick Jewett, Moni &
Sushi Plank, Pauline Worsman

Fontana, Ca.


2003 -Four Seasons Gallery
Wrightwood, California
Large Pressed Flower Compositions

Wrightwood, California


2004- Progress Space- Pomona Art Association, Art Colony
'The Eclectic Five'
Luise 'Mignon' Andersen, Dana Avila, Mary Montelong, Okaybabs, Maia Peters

Pomona, Ca.

2004- Fontana Art Association, Inc.
'Facets Of Color & Form'
Luise 'Mignon' Andersen, Glenn Briggs

Fontana, Ca.

2004- Fontana City Hall 'Walk Through Gallery'
City Council Area
'Visions Of Colors and Mind Scapes'
Luise 'Mignon' Andersen, Paintings,
Glenn Briggs, Fused Glass

Fontana, Ca.


Artist Publications

Following is a partial list Of My Artwork/Self mentioned... mostly short..statements of my awards..some..longer.. All are accurate..although not yet arranged chronologically. I did not realize..list is so long.. until I dug out the articles..and with 'Megan' Grimmies help organized these... Following:

Nov. 25, 2005, City News, The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin; Columnist Mr. Bill Runyan--
Postcard From Italy.--I was glad to get a postcard from Luise Andersen..........................

Oct. 21, 2005, City News, A Publication Of The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Columnist Mr. Bill Runyan' ---Fontana Art Association Member Will Have Art -Show In Italy'..Now she has earned a new honor.

Oct. l4th, 2005-- Fontana Herald News, page l6 , " Fontanan will be displaying art in Italy", by Alejandro Cano, Staff Writer.. ' Her collection includes more than 200 paintings....

Sept. 30, 2005-- City News . (Ranch Cucamonga, Fontana, Rialto), by Bill Runyan, Community Columnist--pge. 35 under New President.. Luise 'Mignon' Andersen Artist Of The Month honoree...

Fontana Herald News , Sect. Community ,Oct. 21,l999 Fall Show Abstract/Acryl.3rd 7th Sense
Fontana Herald News May l3, l999 Photography Juried Show Col.Photo HM Indigo
Fontana Herald News Sept.l8,l997 Small Images Juried Show MXD Media 1st Pixie
City News Daily Bulletin Dec.l,2000 Fall Juried Show Acryl./oils Categ. 1st 'Return to Core'
Fontana Herald News Nov. 23, 2000 , Fall Juried Show, Acryl/Oils 1st 'Return to Core'
Fontana Herald News Mar. 9, 2000 Annual Open Jur.Spring Exhib. Sculpture 1st Time Out
(Then titled Quality Time) Judge: Andree Mendenhall Mahoney Acryl./Oils Categ. 3rd Touch
City News Along The Route Col.Bill Runyan (covers same as above)
Fontana Herald News A3 Feb.l8,l999, papier-mache creation Alligator created with
Pauline Worsman/ Workshop Mr. Patrick Jewett
Daily Bulletin,City News Along the Route Column. Bill Runyan Apr.30, l999--Nature Art Show coordinated by Pat Lehman, director o.the Mary Vagle Museum and Nature Ctr. and FAA.
Fontana Herald News/Briefs March 12, l998 Exhibit "The Eclectic Seven"
Fontana Herald News, Mar. l8, l999 --Annual Spring Show, Categ. Mixed Media (inks),
1st 'Morning Whisper'
Fontana Herald News, Nov. 20, l997 /Briefs, Annual JJuried Fall Show-- 2nd 'Above The Mist'
Fontana Herald News, Entertainment , Feb4, l999 , 3 Dimensional Works, Exhibit
Fontana Herald News Feb. 29, l996 -- Eclectic Art Exhibit of Three Artists: Luise Andersen, Dorothy Anderson, Karin Jordal at the Fontana ArtAssociation Gallery

Mounteneer Progress, Rightwood Ca., Aug. 6, l998- Gallery Four Seasons' Juried Fine Art Show, Category Mixed Media 1st Place. , Category Sculpture, 2nd Place with 'Quality Time' (named Time Out now),
Fontana Herald News, Nov. 9, l995, FAA Fall Open Art Show, HM 'Genesis' --my first award in acrylics.. that really counted.. was told I found my 'Style' by respected artist and instructor ..and Juror: Andree Mendenhall Mahoney
Fontana Herald News, Entertainment, Oct. 3, l996--Adult Student Juried Art show-Categ. Watercolor 1st with' Ladybugs in my Flowers'. (thought I'd try instruction... did..for a very...short couple of times and always.. did it my- way ) My First in Watercolors..
City News, The Daily Bulletin- Along The Route, Column. Bill Runyan , pge.4, May 25, 200l
Fontana Herald News, Entertainment, B1/B3, July 25, 2002 . FAA Annual Juried Photo Exhibit, Judge Mr. Michael Stevens, Vice Pres. Laurence Studios, Rancho Cucamonga and known Photographer f. Mags., Newspapers; Category Land/Sea 1st 'Summer Evening Storm at North Sea Harbor'--
City News, Daily Buletin, Along The Route, Aug. 9, 2002-- Art Awards
City News..Aug. 2, 2002, Along The Route, Column. Bill Runyan,: Art Honors
Fontana Herald News, Entertainment/Bl, Sept. 26, 2002-- FAA Open Juried Fall Show,
Category W/C 3rd, 'Poppies On My Mind'-- Category Acrylics: 1st with 'Empathy' (Now Exit Vortex ..still think of other, more connecting title).. 2nd 'Squat Hike'
Fontana Herald News , Feb l, 200l-- 'Abstract and Almost So' Juried Art Show-- Category: Acrylics/Oils 1 st Place ' Seventh Sense' and 2nd Place for 'Curtain Call' and HM for Visions of Night..
City News, Daily Buletin Feb. 9, 200l-Col. Bill Runyan, : Unusual happenings at The Abstract Show..
covers Abstract and Almost So Show'
Daily Buletin/City News, Nov. 9, 200l , Col. Bill Runyan: article Painting Class..
Daily Bulatin/City News pge. 4, Along the Route,Col. Bill Runyan: Cate. Land/Sea ,
2 nd with ' Balance'
Fontana Herald News, Dec. l3, 200l. End Of The Year Open Juried Art Show/
Categ. Land/Sea 2nd 'Balance'
City News, Daily Bulletin,Along The Route, Jan. l8, 2002, Column. Bill runyan: Art Update.. The Watercolor (looks like one.. is..Acrylics) 'Silent Echoes'..He could not read my signature.. but discussed it as powerful..
City News, Daily Bulletin, Along The Route, May l0, 2002 Column. Bill runyan: Art Show Winners: Annual Open Spring Exhibit Category Oils/Acrylics 3 rd; Category Sculpture
1 st with 'Quality Time '(now titled :Time Out) Juror: Andree Mendenhall Mahoney



Artist Collections

Private Collector, Taipei, Taiwan
Private Collector Taipei Taiwan
Private Collector Petersburg, Russia
Private Collector, Tokyo, Japan
New Contemporary Art Museum, Acquasparta, Umbria, ITALY
P. & J. Worseman, Private Collection, Fontana, California, USA
A. Knickerbocker, Private Collection, Rialto, California, USA
G. Perry, Private Collection, Northern California, USA
Prof. G. Stavros, Private Collection, Clairmont, California, USA
J. & N. Simon, Private Collection, Palm Springs, California, USA
Private Collection, Redlands, California, USA
B. Klose, Private Collection, Wilhelmshaven, Friesland,GERMANY
A. & H. Memmen, Private Collection, Schortens/Jever, Friesland, GERMANY
J.& B. Porter, Private Collection, Santa Monica, California, USA
Irene H., Private Collection, Bradford, U.K.
Theresa and Luis Samkow,Private Collection, Burbank,California, USA

More Updates follow address confirmation from my files.

Artist Favorites

William Dick, , , Original Drawing Other, size_width{BIRL_-1513777560.jpg} X
Original Other Drawing, 2016
90 x 90 cm (35.6 x 43.2)
United States
Luise Andersen, , , Original Painting Acrylic, size_width{STUDY_IN_RED_Update_Nov_8_2016_-1478650242.jpg} X
Original Acrylic Painting, 2016
24 x 18 x 1 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
United States
Not For Sale
Luise Andersen, , , Original Painting Acrylic, size_width{STUDY_IN_RED_Update_Nov_8_2016_-1478650242.jpg} X
Original Acrylic Painting, 2016
24 x 18 x 1 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
Jinsheng You, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{Sunflowers_061-1479218509.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2016
30 x 30 x 0.1 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
United States
Luise Andersen, , , Original Drawing Pencil, size_width{desire_to_express_3_jan23-1516731926.jpg} X
Original Pencil Drawing, 2018
12 x 9 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
United States
Not For Sale
Clifford Riley, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{Wisdom-1432916254.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2015
20.1 x 24 x 1.5 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
United States
Clifford Riley, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{Calling_Me-1451587804.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2015
36.1 x 24 x 1 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
United States
Clifford Riley, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{The_Dance-1466535162.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2016
36.1 x 24 x 1.5 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
United States
Clifford Riley, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{Self_portrait-1451587531.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2015
22.1 x 28 x 1.5 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
United States
Not For Sale
Clifford Riley, , , Original Painting Oil, size_width{Mrs_Ying-1426619020.jpg} X
Original Oil Painting, 2015
36.1 x 24 x 1.5 inches (35.6 x 43.2)
United States

Personal Favorites

http:// Luise H Andersen/Facebook
http://<a href="[individual_URL]"; target="_blank">Find my artworks on Saatchi Online</a> 67