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My work is a painstakingly time-consuming process; large sheets of fine white paper are cut into strips of varying lengths and widths, individually hand-toned, rolled tightly, and secured with thread. Those individual spools of paper are then married together atop a fresh sheet of paper, to create the finished composition. Each small spool is just a fraction of the whole, arranged to bring forth images which are sometimes subjective, at other times abstract. Within each completed piece there is a certain rhythm, designed to hold the gaze of its audience. I experiment with hue, texture, and pattern, to move the viewer's eye through each work of art. Large pieces consume pounds of paper, several spools of thread, and hundreds of hours to complete.

I came across an old photograph of myself at summer camp in the ‘70s, making a necklace from rolled-up strips of magazine. This is what sparked the idea for these “three-dimensional paper art” pieces, which I have been creating for over six years. The inspiration for my work comes from many places; architecture, fashion, travels, but also from the Masters, such as Matisse, Picasso, and especially Seurat. Intrigued by his grand scenes comprised of thousands of specks of color, I strive to take that idea forward, moving into three dimensions. My pieces take on different appearances depending on the angle from which they are viewed. The varying depths of each spool of paper and the texture of fine thread add to the visual interest. With each piece I create, my goal is to create an image that will capture your gaze from across a room, and beg you to draw nearer for a closer look.

I also have a line of work which I call "Rag Rolls". Magazine pages are cut into strips, rolled up and tied with thread. Those rolls are then laid on their sides so the patterns of the magazine pages are visible, and glued into place. Each finished piece of art has an image which presents itself through bits of color which are matched up - ever so painstakingly - to create...a bird, an elephant, a word...the ideas I have are endless. Fun Fact: Each Rag Roll piece has hidden words or characters among the rolls of magazines. It's always fun to watch people scan each piece trying to find what's hidden within!

Artist Exhibitions

Sept 2008 - Hammond Harkins Gallery, OH - Creative Drive Exhibit

Dec 2008 - Hammond Harkins Gallery, OH - Small and Wonderful Invitational

Sept 2009 - Three Graces Gallery, NH - Teeny Tiny Art Show V

April 2010 - Red Raven Art Company, PA - Highlight Artist

Oct 2011 - York Art Association, PA - 41st Annual Juried Exhibit

Jul/Aug 2010 - The Mansion at Strathmore Bethesda, MD - Invitational: Inform/Re-Form

Oct 2012 - Framer's Gallery, York, PA - Highlight Artist

Nov 2013 - Grants Pass Museum of Art, OR - Members Show

Dec 2013 - In His Timeframe, Grants Pass, OR - Featured Artist

Jan-Dec 2014 - Gallery One at The Museum, OR - Gallery Member Artist

May 2014 - Gallery One at The Museum, OR - Featured Artist

Aug 2014 - Illahe Gallery, Ashland, OR - Tenth Annual Sculpture Invitational

Oct 2014 - Southern Oregon Guild, Kerby, OR - 3rd Annual Artoberfest, Juried

Oct 2014 - Belle Fiore Vineyard, Ashland, OR - International Mosaic Invitational

Nov 2014 - Grants Pass Museum of Art, OR - Members Show

Jan 2015 - Barnstormers Theatre, Grants Pass, OR - Invited Artist

Feb-Apr 2015 - Rogue Gallery, Medford, Or - Rogue Valley Biennial Exhibition *JUROR'S CHOICE AWARD WINNER*

June 2015 - In His Timeframe, Grants Pass, OR - Featured Artist

Mar-June 2015 - Rogue Gallery and Art Center, Medford, OR - Members Exhibition

July 2015 - MaMosa's, Grants Pass, Or - Invited Artist

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