Artist Statement -

Welcome to my world of Other Realities.
I am a painter of mystical figurative paintings and abstractions composed of
acrylic paint and found objects. My concern is for the future of our planet.
The animate and inanimate objects within
the paintings reflect many incarnations.
The message being that it is possible to create rather than destroy.

Artist Exhibitions

I am currently represented by A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, 24 W 57th St., NYC. March 29-April 23, 2011 Current Exhibits:Penn State Feb-April, 2009, JM Gallery,5/26-6/20/09, JM Gallery, 3/4-3/29/08, Long Island Portrait Group, 10/20-11/30/08, The Graphic Eye, February, 2007, South Ocean Art Gallery, 9/8-10/22,2006, A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, 6/27-7/22.2006 A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, 3/2-3/31, 2001, The Graphic Eye, Port Washington, NY, 2/1-3/4, 2001. I have had many solo and group exhibits throughout New York City and have shown in California, Pa, AZ, Ks and Or. I am also part of a traveling exhibit:
The Millenium Art Collection, 2000
Foundation, Den Haag, The Netherlands.
This exhibit will travel to Essen,
Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Sydney and LA. Two of my found object paintings appeared in "Rock the Boat" a film about
the environment, released in 2001.
Solo Exhibit at JM Gallery, 24 W 57th St., NYC, 9/17-9/28, 2002
Illuminations, NAWA Juried Exhibit, Chelsea, NY, 1/28/03-2/28/03
Biennale Internazionale dell Arte Contemporanea, December 6-14, 2003, Florence, Italy...

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Artist Collections

Innofusion, Westwood, Ca
Tokai Bank, Los Angeles, Ca
Mr. & Mrs. Sal Biondo, New York, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Geber, Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Mr. & Mrs. G. Lazarof, Pomona, NY
Mr. & Mrs Herbert Ripple, New City, NY
Private Collector, Luxembourg, Europe
Patricia Kirkbak, Pittsfield, Mass....

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