Artist Statement -

First I was ingeneer student when came ill with schizophrenia and I had to change.I discovered painting in hospital and my mother liked.So years and years later I felt ok again and started really painting, now for two years.
Now I really need to suprise me with new paintings, about two ones a week.Discovering other's work is great too, and I can say writing stories or poems takes a bigger place you imagine to go into paintings sooner or later.
So my paintings strangely feed with research of past silent years lost.

Artist Exhibitions

past exhibition in DINAN at the Poche Café

exhibition at marziart international gallery HAMBURG GERMANY sept08

exhibition in ward nasse gallery spring 09

exhibition in Miami museum of the americas july 09

exhibit at the parallax international art fair London 2013

one artwork sold in NY

one painting taken by the MIAD Museum santa fe argentina

selected for the medusa aurea price that will be given in june 2014....

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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