Artist Statement -

My main subject of painting is the nature. Because everything already exists in the nature - colors, forms, composition and even abstraction.

The most important thing for me in my works is the light - the light brings out colors of the subject, gives shape to the model and composes the tone of the picture. And sometimes the light is my model by itself.

Artist Exhibitions

Solo exhibitions in Estonia 2010-2014

Participating in the year-end exhibition of Tartu artists in Tartu Arthouse 2009 - 2013

Participating in the International drawing exhibition "World Gallery of Drawings" in Osten Gallery, Macedonia Skopje 2009

The traditional collective exhibition "THE MASK and THE FAN" in Nõmme Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia 2009

Participating in the International Drawing Triennial MANU PROPRIA Tallinn 2009

Group exhibition "All together" in Albu manor, Estonia 2007

Solo exhibition in "E-Kunstisalong" Tallinn, Estonia 2006

Exhibition of graduates from Tartu Art College in Tartu 2006

Group exhibitions in "E-Kunstisalong" in Tartu 2003 -2004

Group exhibition of young artists "Palette" in Tartu 2003...

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Mr and Mrs R. Piilpärk, Tallinn, Estonia
Mr and Mrs A. Roosaar, Estonia
Mr H. Ärm, Estonia
Mrs Sepp, Estonia...

Artist Favorites