Artist Statement

The project is to create the image with a short composition as I wanted at times I took in here. Timing and movements of the camera or the machinery are important resources. Photography is listen to the world as we hear a beloved piece of music. For example: I see a tree just in vegetation, the wind gentle caresses the new leaves, the light shines and you hear all this on the skin. Now take a picture with the knowledge that this concentration and on the negative is something of the feeling.

Artist Exhibitions

Bernhard Luttmer was born in Berlin on 24th April of 1959, he changed later Frankfurt, modern city of the German finance world, with the whole family, where big insurance banks, however, where the art thinks to exist their place and become it in antithesis too, that the reality will develop in this climate his job and creative race of the years 87 and 97 with the job for journals architecture (The house) and (The Immobilie) in Berlin publishes, the some projects from innovations in urban cities as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, where a portrait and place future. Realised for the Home Verlag (Krueger book organization publisher) draw the representation and form of the texts for the university. To achieve cooperation in 1995 photograph installation in the museum of art art "of Frankfurt at the Main (from the artist Mucha). It casting photograph, scenery for the film and then theatre. Since has a line of exhibitions personnel: in the space gallery the "Flight title (95), in 96 "Gallery Gardners" with 1998 meters into those ones "Fruchtig" with movement in the Raum.A In Rome (99 onto the costume and fashion) photograph with "Metro" involves within the framework of an inspection. Into 2000, in 2001, in 2002 in "Photograph Foiano" through "Movement in the room, co-variant and train worlds". "At the present time his job divides Pieve di Chio (Arezzo) between Frankfurt and that into his study. One Europe of Mittel-, Profession Accustomed heterogeneous aspects, neutral and contrasting daily humanity. Into the streets, in the eyes, in the movement, a careful thought presence and modern age. Twenty years professional experience through the lentil, leads to an acute reading of the world: A job, running and of deciding, high-powered and rapid, importance, caught in fractions of seconds or longer illuminations, the life, a breath, a moment.2008 exhibitions Bari Porta Mediterraneo with photographs and video installations.

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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