Artist Statement -

I heard a writer say once that how we experience life is an illusion and that the purpose of art is to uncover reality. Indeed, reality seems quite like a set of unturned cards, and I'm not sure we can define it until after our hand has been played. The best solution I have found is to fray the edges of the illusion a bit by bending the laws that everyone knows. In my work people can fly, plants and people merge, women wear snorkels while making love. For me, these images hint at reality, opening a back door to the underlying truth of what I see and experience. By rendering things in a magical light, the illusion starts to give way to the real in the same way that madness sometimes serves to define sanity.

Formally, my work is much more practical. I make paintings, drawings and intaglio prints based on my drawings. The prints are a mixture of old and new processes; instead of etching the plates in acid, my prints are made with photosensitive plates. I enjoy the control this process gives me over the final image.

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--Lynette Vought

Artist Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions:

MAPC Print Exchange, October 2014
The ‘F’ Word, Feminism Now, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL, December 2014
Our Town, The Community House,Birmingham, MI, October 2013
Mirando al Sur: Looking South, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL. October 2009
Juxtapositions, Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY, April 2008
Kalamazoo Hospice, Kalamazoo, MI, March, 2008
Breakthrough, Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL, October, 2006
Myth, Magic and Metaphor, Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL, March 2004
Traditions: The Blessing and the Curse, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, April 2003
Visions International, Art Center Waco, Waco, TX, August- September 2002
All Michigan Painting Exhibition, Artworks Gallery, Big Rapids, MI Summer 2001
72nd. Annual, Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, MI, summer 2000.
Marking the Millennium, Fulton Street Gallery, Troy, NY, March 2000.
20th Michigan Artists Competition, Art Center of Battle Creek, summer, 1999
Hoyt National Art Show, The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, New Castle, PA, October 1996
Northern National Art Competition, The LRC Gallery, Nicolet College, Rhinelander, WI, 1996
State of the Arts Exhibition, Art in Public Places, Saginaw, MI, 1995, 1996
Visionary Women, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, March 1996
4th Annual Summer Invitational Juried Prize Show, Perry House Galleries, Alexandria, VA, 1995

Selected Gallery Shows:
ArtPrize, YMCA venue, Fall 2009, 2010
Mythmaking From the Other Side, MOAT Gallery, Louisville, KY, May 2009
Artworks Artist of the Month, March 2005
Women 2001, Rankin Center Art Gallery, January 2001
Ferris/Kendall Faculty Show, Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids MI, 2000-2015
Small Works, Gallery Arcadia, Grand Rapids, MI, December 1999
New Work, Lafontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI, October 1997
Paintings, A One Woman Show, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL, March 1997
Michigan Academy, Paper given by Christopher Latiolais, Ph.D., Professor of Aesthetics, Kalamazoo College, One Woman Show, Marywood Convention Center, Grand Rapids, MI, April and May 1996
Form as Figure, Lafontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI, with Luis Uribe and Pamela Murphy, 1996


Artist Publications

Critical Acclaim

“...startling and strong work, dreamlike and compelling...other worldly...forces the viewer to stop and wonder... manages to deflect and question our ordinary responses.”
Sylvia Krissoff, “Works at LaFontsee focus on the figure,” Grand Rapids Press, September 1996

Jonas Kover, “Cooperstown national judging is of one mind,” Observer-Dispatch, August 1997

“...mythic clarity...captures (an) enchanted sense of time...”
Christopher Latiolais, Ph.D., professor of aesthetics, Kalamazoo College, “Lynette Vought: Painting the Plight of Women,” Michigan Academy, March 1997

“...engaging...dreamlike painting (that) expresses maternal love’s universality...”
Roger Green, “Women’s show deserves bouquets,” The Flint Journal, June 1998

Artist Collections

Ronald McDonald House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Florida’s Art in State Buildings Program
State of Michigan
Kalamazoo Hospice, Kalamazoo, MI
University of California, San Diego
Ivan Davila
Lazaro Vega
Polly Hewitt
Margaret Allison
Anita Carter
Clay Morton
Daniel Weinfurter
Kenneth Colton
Olive and Dan Mullet
Laurie Ann Whitt
William and Joyce Sederburg
Imagine Design
University of Michigan

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