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Malke is my artist name. Art in all its forms has always been an essential part of my life. Alongside side teaching foreign languages, to begin with - yet I often used art in my classes, in the nine countries where I lived and taught in all continents. Each country has taught me something vital about people and about art. Now that I don't teach any more, art has taken all my like: I write as I have always done -- mostly poems in French - but also painting (acrylic, oild, tempura, often all of the above, even nail polish. then came a period of ink and pencil drawing (using Japanese ink, more colorful than Chinese ones), and making sculptures with material that otherwise been discarded (like in my profile picture 'The Little Blue Mermaid and Time".) Like any artist, important events in my life has shaped my art: political, like personal events. Two years ago, I had to face something horrendous: my 33 year old son's son suicide. It actually led me to have an open-heart surgery. Since then, art has been a true therapy for me: It was in hospital that i started drawing a series of Trees of Life: some tortured ones, some more peaceful, using ink on paper. this has led me to drawing Nature, not the kind of nature you can discover from your window: Nature that we, humans are part of, transient, ever changing, nature that encompasses all of us, elemental nature, organic.

Artist Exhibitions

Malke's dolls have been exhibited at the Museums of Decorative Arts in Basel, Lausanne, Switzerland, and in Frankfurt, Germany. While living in Brazil, she created two huge puppets which were used as stage d�cor for a play at Rio�s main theater, O Teatro Municipal de Rio de Janeiro. In 1996, Malke was honored with an exhibit of her collages at the Art Gallery of the French Embassy, in Ottawa, Canada.

While she was living in SC, USA, Malke has had several exhibits at the Etherridge Art Center, and at the Aiken Art Center, in Aiken, SC, and in Charleston, SC.

At the international level, she has exhibited in Paris and Lyon, France (International Salons and Private galleries), Bergamo, Italy, Bonn and Berlin, Germany, and Macau, China. She has also had her work on display at the International Zabu art Center and Museum, in Orne, France. She has participated in art exhibit in Ravenna Italy (2007), Germany, Berlin 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 (2 exhibits, one in Munich and 2 in Berlin, the last one in Berlin, 2014. She has also participated in art shows in France, in Toulouse 2010, Lyon 2019 2012, Paris 2012, 2013, and 2014 (Galerie 59, Rue de Rivoli). She participated in the Art Festival of La Rochelle, France in 2013. In 2012 and 1013, she participated in 2 exhibits at the Fava Gallery, and in One in the Kendal Gallery (all in Oberlin OH).

In 2015, she had a 2-month solo exhibit at True-North Gallery, Sheffield Village, OH [September to November 2015]. At the international level, she had a solo portrait exhibit at Cercle Tahar Haddad, Tunis-Tunisia in June 2015. One of the portraits on show was selected for the book cover of "La Voix de la Mere et de L'enfant", Editions Arabesques,Tunis Tunisia, 2015. She conjointly published a book of poetry in June 2015, also in Tunis: "La Phedre Desirante", Editions Arabesques,Tunis, Tunisia, 2015. She had previously had had her art selected for the title page of two books: One published in England, 'Evil in Francophone Literature' 2012, and one published in Algeria, 'Raconte-moi ta Liberte'2012.

Malke was twice the recipient of the award given by the French artistic movement Art et Fraternite in France

She is a member of Singul�Art, Figuration Critique, �Les 16 Anges�, ArtSlant, and Painters for Human Rights.

Artist Publications

Bernard MARICAU, painter< France
Quel plaisir de découvrir Chaque fois renouvelé cet imaginaire taillé à coups de ciseaux d'Or Une balade pleine d'émotions graves ou joyeuses jusqu'au tréfonds de soi. Longue vie à Malke !

Francois de Verdiere, painter, France
Malke introduce us to a fantamasgoric world where animals, humans and vegetals share postures, attitudes, interests and poetry. A former guest has written monstrous, then yes as we liked monsters when we were very young! Malke revives for us those dreams. Bravo! Malke and welcome to Les Seize Anges.

I repeteadly have seen your works, fascinated with the finess and poetic way you conceived them. I celebrate the world of dreams, the fountain where your artworks emerged.

ANNETTE LABEDZKI, painter and collagist, Canada - - You have some wonderful collages and sculptures Annette

SERGE TENEZE, France - Painter. Laureate of the 2009 BOESNER prize. - 2008-12-21 -
A sincere and inescapable work. To see absolutely. I saw his work. A research on the memory, relevant, original. Bravo Congratulation to Malke !

To discover the work of Malke is a journey through beauty, poetry, exotism and sensitivity. A work of art of a gifted artist who puts her heart in everything she creates.


Artist Collections

Dr Tom Mack, Private art collector, AIKEN, SC,USA
Dr Antoine & Ruth Cordahi, Aiken, SC,USA
Ellen Peeples, Antique dealer and interior decorator, Aiken, SC, USA
Edith Waitzfelder, private art collector, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dr Ilhem Ben Miled, Tunis, Tunisia
Daniel Helouin, Private collection, Vassy, France
David Weintraub, Photographer and art collector, Columbia, USA
Milo Dias, Sculptor, Pantin, 93, France
Jonathan P. Vigier, Private collection, Charlotte, NC, USA
Dr. Victoria Stoeppler, Private collection, Augusta, GA, USA
Mepkin Abbey, Moncks Corner, SC, USA
Christiane Morain, private collector, Le Pecq 78, France
Bernard Maricaud, Perrigueux, France, painter
Sylvie Coulomb, Vire, 50, france, private collector
Macha winterstein, Paris, France, painter
Zaven Khatcharian, Paris XVII, Art Gallery owner...

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