Artist Statement

Here we are, physically cemented to the earth by gravity. But – our imaginations stretch and soar, taking us beyond our planet and connecting us with far places in the universe. Being part of this, do we indeed live and bloom in a cosmic garden? Ah, perhaps so. I am exploring this connection in my new artwork.

Artist Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions - 2000 to present
-WVAL Annual Exhibitions
-Early Galveston Artists, Galveston Historical Museum, Galveston,Tx.
-Solo Show Spaces Places, Visual Arts Center, Northwest, Fl.
-Bay Annual, Visual Arts Center, Northwest, Fl.
-Glass Show, Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, Mi.
-Benefit Glass Now, National Liberty Museum, Phila, PA.
-Award Bay Annual, Visual Arts Center, Northwest, Fl.
-Virtuosity and Vision, Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, Mi.
-Art for the Senses, Visual Arts Center, Northwest Florida.
-Millennium Art Center, Washington, D.C.
-Award National Watercolor Show, Visual Arts Center, NW Fl.
-Award Bay Annual, Visual Arts Center, Northwest Fl.
-Invitational On the Surface, Arts Center, St. Petersburg, Fl.
-Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, Michigan.

Selected Glass Exhibitions - 1992 to present
-Invitational Magnifico The Art of Albuquerque, Alb, NM.
-Stems, Habatat Gallery, Aspen, Co.
-Solo Books, Books, Habatat Gallery, Aspen, Co.
-North American Glass, Mill Gallery, Guilford, CN.
-Solo Collected Works, Weyrich Gallery, Alb, NM.
-Invitational Sandscript, Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, MI.
-Menorah and Dreidel Show, Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, MI.
-The Art of Painted Glass, Habatat Gallery, Aspen,CO.
-Glass, A Woman�s Touch, Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, MI.
-Magnifico The Art of Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM.
-10th Capitol Glass Invit., The Glass Gallery, Bethesda, MD.
-Masks-Myths, Form Function KiMO Theater, Albuq, NM.
-Creating Ourselves, NM Univ Art Gallery, Portales, NM.
-A Glass Invitational,Garland Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.
-A Glass Invitational, Mariposa Gallery, Albuquerque, NM.
-Award Kristallnacht, American Interfaith Inst, Phila, PA.

Selected Museum Group Exhibitions
-Galveston Historical Museum, Galveston, Tx.
-Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Laguna Beach, CA.
-Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA.
-Beaumont Art Museum, Beaumont, TX.
-Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas, TX.

-Colton Glass Program, Colton, OR, 199091..
-MS degree Psychology, Loyola Sierra Univ, Los Angeles, CA, 1989.
-BFA degree Fine Arts, University of California, Irvine, CA, 1979.
-Houston Museum School of Fine Art, Houston, TX, 197071.


Artist Publications

Dale Sparge, in his review of "Glass, A woman's Touch" at the Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, Mi quoted Lucy Lippard: '...There are aspects of art by women that are inaccessible to men and these aspects arise from the fact that a women's political, biological, and social experience in this society is different from that of a man' "Sparge goes on to state that "Validation of Lippard's position could be seen in works such as 'Alone in the House of Dreams', a mixed media glass sculpture by Margaret Stone."

Michael Davis, with the Albuquerque Journal, in a review states that :..."Her pieces.create mercurial stories that change with the light." He goes on to say that viewers "find themselves transcending the mundane and entering a world of refracted contemplation."

News Coverage:
-January 14, 2005, Heart of Glass, The News Herald
-January 13, 2005, Spotlight, The News Herald
-September, 2004, Bay Annual Winners, The News Herald
-September 14, 2003, Scene Setter, The News Herald
-March 22, 2002, "Painted Light", Arts, Albuquerque Journal.
-March 24, 1998, Arts, Albuquerque Journal.
-July, 1997, Business West, Albuquerque Journal.
-March 29, 1994, Bosque Beat, Albuquerque Journal.
-February 5, 1993, Metro Plus, Albuquerque Journal.


Artist Collections

Publications (included in):
--The Grove Review: A Literary Journal, Published April 2008, Volume II, Number 1, Portland, Oregon.
--Artists Confronting the Inconceivable, Published April 1992, American Interfaith Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
--The Art and Human Nature Collection, Published March 2006, Sable Publishing, Palm Springe, California.

Museum Acquisitions and Special Collections:
--"Meditation on the Sands" a glass sculpture, Temple Israel, West Bloomfield, Michigan, dedicated June 2000.

Works in private and public collections in the United States and abroad.

Artist Favorites