Artist Statement -

“Crystal to me has always evoked nature’s beauty creating its own alchemy within and reflecting the changing world all around us. It’s a material humankind created over 330 years ago,and the closest we have come I believe as a species to adding untold beauty to the world we live in.

It is also the material responsible for many of the technological advances we enjoy in today's world. From cell phones to the most sophisticated computers and telescopes, prismatic light and the crystal lens have been the cornerstones to allowing us to see ourselves more clearly and the universe beyond.

Much of my introspective work over the past 25 years has dealt with the human experience and discovery of our shared humanity. So with the GLASSLANDS COLLECTION, it is my hope to build an educational tool to bridge the gap between our understanding of our fragile environment and the need for greater sustainability.

This collection will be made from both the purest optical crystal known to humankind,and from reclaimed glass disposed of by humankind. It will define both the beauty we are capable of creating, and the actions of harm we are capable of if we do not seek renewal. The medium provides the perfect lens for us to look through, to view the fragility of our beautiful lands and waterways in Canada and around the world.”

Mark Raynes Roberts, Founder & Creator

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