Artist Statement -

My attitude to Art in general and to my art in particular is defined with following points

- There must be an idea in a piece of art, regardless of whether it is new or supratemporal. The main point is, it should move the spectator, wake up his feelings and invite him to reflection. Nowadays artists try often to shock spectators and to replace all other emotions, that art is actually called to awake, with a jar.

- An artist should find a suitable material as well as an appropriate technique and a form in order to express his idea best.

- A piece of art must be accomplished professionally.

In my work I touch upon the themes, which are important for me personally. When rereading classical literature, I realized, though, that the same themes have moved people also a hundred years ago or even earlier. They are Love and Hate, Faith and Betrayal, Fear and Composure, Discrepancies between humans inner world and his outer image, his Mask, which he wears for the others. The time has no power over these themes. This distinguishes them from many daily sensations, which fall into oblivion in a couple of years, months or sometimes even days. The spiritual values stir people as much as in the past and as before they try to find the answers to the same questions Who am I Where have I gone What is the meaning of life What is happiness What is love Our inner world tries again and again to find answers to these questions in the outer world. My art is my attempt to answer these questions.

The task of technical and aesthetic implementation is to express the main idea clearly and completely.

I believe to choose the most suitable implementation for my themes, namely realism.

As almost every artist I use symbols in my work. There have always been symbols in the art, because art is not a mirror that reflects the world directly. The art symbolism has both now and always built on spectators, which perceive the symbols simply and naturally, for they have existed also in their daily routines. Each time has however its own symbols language. A still life from 18th century could tell its contemporaries a whole story, now it is for us not more than a set of objects. The modern art and modern spectators have their own up-to-date symbols.

By means of the paintings names I try both to make the spectators more aware of my symbols and to lead them to the subject, touching on in my work. I believe that everyone understands the work idea, interprets and develops it in his own way, though. I do not purpose to impose my opinion on spectators. Everyone has his own view of the world around. That way a silent dialog develops between a piece of art and a spectator.

A fast pace of life and an enormous volume of information drag us often into a doom loop, where we run like a hamster in his running wheel and have no time to think about our life. If the spectator has been distracted from his everyday worries and haste and has reflected about the timeless subjects for even a couple of minutes, I can argue, that my art fulfilled its task.

Artist Exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

2016 Münster, Germany, Gallery Steinrötter
2015 Augustusburg, Germany, Turm Gallery
2014 Münster, Germany, Gallery Steinrötter
2013 Floeha, Germany, Villa Gueckelsberg
2013 Glauchau, Germany, Gallery Art Gluchowe
2011 Waldenburg, Germany, Gallery Peter Tauscher
2009 Amsterdam, Holland, Gallery Goda
2007 Ranis, Germany, Gallery Westerheide
2005 Amsterdam, Holland, Gallery Goda with Alexander Kirillov
2005 Muenster, Germany, Gallery Steinroetter with Carsten Weitzmann and Kristian von Hornsieth
2004 Amsterdam, Holland, Gallery Goda
2004 Wetzlar, Germany, Gallery Kunst+
2004 Berlin, Germany, Gallery Storkower Bogen
2000 Hamburg, Germany, Gallery Unikat
1999 Nuernberg, Germany, Gallery Am Theater
1999 Cologne, Germany, Gallery SVETLANA
1998 Saint Petersburg, Russia, Gallery Summer garden Two Kourbanovs from A to Z
1997 Saint Petersburg, Russia, Consulate of USA
1996 Saint Petersburg, Russia Exhibition in the House of Architects Hollander Club

Group exhibitions

2014 Chemnitz, Germany, Gallery ArtEck
2009 Chemnitz, Germany, Gallery ArtEck
2009 Münster, Germany, Gallery FB69 Save the Sharks
2007 Amsterdam, Holland, Gallery Goda
2007 Muenster, Germany, Ausstellung 40 years Gallery Steinroetter
2006 Leiderdorp, Holland, Gallery Cattani
2006 Alkmaar, Holland, Art Festival
2005 Delft, Holland, Gallery ODArt
2004 Gouda, Holland, Christmas exhibition in Agnieten chapel
2004 Amsterdam, Holland, Action Shameless Gallery Goda
2002 Berlin, Germany, Gallery Meyer, Exhibition AKT
2001 Berlin, Germany, Exhibition of society ARTEL
2001 Chemnitz, Germany, Gallery Kraftwerk
1999 Dresden, Germany, Magic power of White Nights
1999 Saint Petersburg, Russia „The first winter exhibition of the Saint-Petersburg society of Water-colour artists in the House of Journalists“
1998 Shanghai, China, Exhibition of St-Petersburg artists
1997 Mexiko, Salvador-Nova, Coyoacan, National Museum of Water-Colour, Exhibition of the Saint-Petersburg society of Water-colour artists
1997 Epison, USA, Linda Woodalls Gallery
1997 Raisio, Finland, Exhibition organized by Eero Raitesen Fund.
1997 Moscow, Russia, UN Information Center, Exhibition „My Russia - my world“
1996 Hamburg, Germany, Chilehouse, Exhibition of the Academy of Art
1995 Prague, Chechia, Theaterquadriennale
1995 Saint Petersburg, Russia, Exhibition organizied by the society of Artists Support.
1994 Genua, Italy ar Selecta Loggia della Mercanzia, Piazza Banchi one of the pictures was bought by Municipal Museum of Genua.
1990 Berlin, Germany, Exhibition of students paintings...

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