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It is interesting how the term Western Art is defined. For many it means cowboys and horses. While others think of the romantic exagerations by Remington. Still others will seriously consider Western Art, only if it represents the Southwest region.
Well having been born in the American West.Living on a Farm/Ranch. Mining for coal and moly at one time. Living the city lifestyle as well, I see the the term Western Art as so much more.

The color of the West encompasses its land, people and their attitudes .
Whether from the past, future or present day, this color has its own unique quality.

This is why I don't like to confine my subject matter to only the pre concieved traditional notions or ideas of what American Western Art is. Its the experiences I'm after so I can put them in the art.

Artist Exhibitions

I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

Artist Publications

Point and line ink with and above painted transparent acrylic layers to compliment digital optic reproduction is a functional technique copyrighted as Hyper Dimensional Point and Line by innovative artist,Michael Rusch. The images represented here, with the original,
are only two of the feasible variations of extrapolating combination along a new frontier of visual ferment.

A freelance illustration and design specialist, Rusch has expanded upon an AA Degree in Graphic Communications with a decade of self regulated study in media technique to meet the challenge of the new technological territories opening to artist endeavor.

(Page 94 of New Art International Volume VI 2000-2001)...

Artist Collections

Roger Allen MO
Shirley King OR
Charlotte Gables CT
Starr Harris CO
Michael and Anne Bishop CO
Al,Alexander and David
Marc Elder CA
Mike Delany CO
Dusty Ohrt CO
Mike and Pat Farrenkoff CO
Jason and Carrie Rusch CO
Joshua Rusch CO


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