Artist Statement -

In 1960 a collective of musicians leadered by Ornette Coleman who added to their music the intrinsic freedom in the jazz.He broke harmonic molds that there was establishing that the improvisation was establishing on the chords and destroyed the concept of the melody using sonorities that up to that one moment, only they were deserving the contemptuous epithet of cacophonies he altered the rhythmic metrics, canonical base of the jazz without losing the swing which up to this moment was looking like an absurdity and he was leaving freedom in order that his musicians were advancing for his norm that the attention to a luck of emotional community, this aspect that would come to the paroxysm on their disc Free Jazz recorded for Atlantic.

Now, when all things must pass by computer screenas Nam June Paik predicted.When virtuality is a part of human real things, when histories in the press are not trustthe document more new today and the oldest the day after.
Music, Art, Literature and Cinema industries are changing. Words like download, chat, e-mail, hard disc and windows are accepted throughout the world.
Now when deep blue wins chess game to humans, when mobile phones are a gadget in all hands, when all is filled by computers. It´s the right time to free art into this world.

Free art is not to kill artprobably it has happened. Liberate art from mediocrity, interests and flat ideas.

Cut and paste is now the cutting edge of modern art but sometimes it has no sense. Tradition and forefront must walk hand in hand. Sometimes artists do things unconsciously and that is when appears ramdom, genius and talent.
Other times artists do the same horizon line to create a strange and beautiful perception of reality and sinesthesia.
History is full of men and women who change names and places to create their true or false names of oblivion and History.
But it is time to face the truth. No one cares art now. But too many cares money. Art is money and money make people free. How many dollars must earn a free artist to be admired and listen. How many million dollars is a false masterpiece.
Joseph Beuys said To make people free is the aim of art, therefore art for me is the science of freedom
Nowadays Free art is free man but not for free or for freedom.

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