Artist Statement -

I have been drawing and painting since Junior High. I enjoy quick art, impressionistic yet realistic, and minimal. There are interesting subjects all around us. My inspirations are architecture, people, light and shadow, the sea and boats, imagination... and the old masters. Get out and enjoy your surroundings. All my works are available as signed and numbered prints. I also do commission works, some examples of which are in the portfolio. I donate all proceeds to charity, and have recently teamed with SAVE THE BAY, a local Rhode Island eco-advocate organization, which receives 30 PER CENT of my proceeds. My opportunities for artistic expression have included drawing on napkins during airplane rides and waiting during my sons music lessons. In 2012 I took up oil painting for the first time, and my mentor is Lorena Pugh of North Kingstown. Ive done both Plein air and studio work in her presence, and am benefitting from the association. We have an informal group who meet and paint in Lorenas studio on Monday nights throughout the indoor season. I will continue to pursue art on a daily basis, and post the finished works here and on facebook for any and all to peruse. In 2003, I legally changed my name back to my original name, Michael Garr, so you will see works signed as MSUNDVIK or MGARR. Peace Mike

Artist Exhibitions

Navy Artists juried exhibition December 1997 4 Pen and inks. Naval War College Museum, Newport RI.

South County Art Association June-July 2005 Open Juried Annual, Kingston, RI Pen and Ink

South County Art Association Feb 14 - Mar 16 2013 Open Juried Print, Paint and Pastel Exhibition Two oil paintings Honorable mention.

South County Art Association July18 - Aug 18 2013 Members Annual, Kingston RI Pastel

South County Art Association March 20-April 19 2014 Storytellers Open Juried all media show. Oil Painting

Earth and Art exhibit at the Hive. Lafayette Mill, North Kingstown April 5 to June 5, 2014 two oil paintings

Monday Night Masters Art Exhibition. 323 Harrison St, North Kingstown,RI. 27 April 2014 3 to 5 p.m.

South County Art Association April 24- May 24 2014 Open Juried Painting and drawing annual Pencil drawing

Spring Bull Gallery Newport RI Fakes and Forgeries, 2016, Award winner

South County Art Association Juried Show Oct-Nov 2018 Oil Painting

The Hive, North Kingstown, Two Person Show with Linda King, November-December 2017


Artist Publications

Mike - It went over very well, you did a beautiful job, everyone loved it.
I'm a hero!
Thank you so much!


Artist Collections

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