Artist Statement -

I enjoy sculpting trees that have been injured or strained, each healing in its unique way. Their life experience is embodied in their form. An old contorted tree is beautiful in its imperfection. Much like trees, we are also unique expressions of our experience, beautiful in our own imperfection.

Also like trees, life experiences can create wounds. We can heal guardedly, creating thick scars that cover our wounds and mask our inner light. Or we can heal openly from these experiences, allowing us to shine brightly and still retain our strength through vulnerability and openness.

My sculptures of female figures are insights and emotions that I've experienced with an expansion of my own self-awareness. Oftentimes, the figures are melding with tree-like forms, as we share the energy of life with all living things. With more openness, letting go, and yielding, we become free to be a full and authentic expression of the life that moves through us.

Each piece is meticulously hand-sculpted often-times over several weeks. Many pieces are created using only hand-building techniques. Some are a combination of wheel-thrown and sculpting. Glazing is also very detailed, to create a mature, interesting wood-like appearance.

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