Artist Statement

Please check back soon. I am in the process of getting my artist statement finalized.

Artist Exhibitions

2013: Exhibition Pegas, Corso IIA, Prague Karlín, CZ
2013: Art Mix, Sculpture, Audi Exclusive Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2012: Author's exhibition of paintings, Art Gallery of the National House in Prostìjov, CZ
2012: Statues of Piešany Parks, Piešany, SK
2011: Nord art (Kunstwerk Carlshutte), Sculpture, GE,
2011: ¼udovít Fulla Gallery, UrbanE.T., Ružomberok, SK
2011: Exhibition of graphics, satire and humor in Italy (Turino, Florence, Roma)
2010: Reflections III, exhibition of members of ASA association, Velvet Gallery, Bojnice, SK
2010: The Olympic Museum in Barcelona - Water Color Sport Award, ES
2009: Exhibition of Garden Sculptuers, Steel Arena, Košice, SK
2009: Selection from the Slovak Contemporary Sculpture, The Orava Gallery, Dolný Kubín, SK
2008: Art & Sport, the Olympic Museum, Lausanne, CH
2008: Olympic Sport and Art Contest, Gallery Z, Bratislava, SK
2007: Young Ladies of Avignon, Gallery La Femme, Prague, CZ
2007: S.O.S., Gallery Medium, Bratislava, SK
2007: Biennial of Small-Scale Sculptures, Renaissance House, Pezinok, SK
2007: The Earth Slovakia VIII (painting), Novohrad Museum, Luèenec, SK
2005: Prievidza, Gallery AMA,Cross-selection of author's artistic activity, SK
2004: Exhibition of Department of Sculpture of AFAD, Polish Cultural Institute, Bratislava, SK
2003: Drawing, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
2001: Sculpture, exhibition of Department of Sculpture of AFAD, Wolfsburg, GE

2013: Symposium Svodín, Wood, SK
2011: International Symposium of Slovenská pošta, Wood, Belušské Slatiny, SK
2011: Art at Gýmeš, International Sculpture Symposium, Jelenec, SK
2010: International Sculpture Symposium in Brno, Wood, CZ
2010: Hana Wichterlová International Sculpture Symposium in Prostìjov, CZ
2009: Wood, International Symposium Držková, CZ
2008: Daydream, Garden of Eden, Bojnice, SK
2007: Land Art, Kremnica, SK
2005: Video recording and editing, Žilina, SK
2002: International Sculpture Symposium, The Villa of Tomas Bata, Zlín, CZ...

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Statue - Wood, Svodín, SK
Statue - Wood, Belušské Slatiny, SK
Statue - Wood, Jelenec, SK
Statue - Wood, Brno, CZ
Statue - Wood, Prostìjov, CZ
Statue - Wood, Držková, CZ
Statue - Wood, The Villa of Tomas Bata, Zlín, CZ...

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