Artist Statement -

It has been said of my work Spanish Radio Interview 2005 that is is very ecclectic.

This is true but I find the world and life so rich in texture, colour and drama and dare I say ecclectic in its amazing diversity, that I fail to see how I could respond as an artist any other way than I do.

Having said this, I must add that my art philosophy is actually always present in the content of my work, although themes come and go and reflect other areas of my life- for instance I have been a street drugs worker since 1976 and an art educator facilitator in formal education and in the wider community for many years and these experiences have coloured and influenced the themes of my art- yet if examined the content of the work remains as it has for 35 years now- the attempt to disseminate the picure plane, with colour, real time space CollageRelief, imagery or optical device perspectiveopto-kinetism, to reveal the magic that lays beyond ....

I believe that this is what Marc Rothko meant when he said that his paintings invited the viewer to step within the work ......... for when we do, when we look at what lies beyond the picture plane, the surface of the work- then we will see the truth. Sometimes we will find peace and harmony, sometimes horror or aversion but always what we find is truth and perhaps find a glimpse, for those that believe, of God.

After 35 years of image making- and after my journey through the Constructivist and Minimalist Schools 1970s-1980s I find that my work and my beliefs put me firmly in The School of Expressionism, although my continued belief in the work of Carl Jung, especially his Catalytic Exteriorisation Phenomenon adds another layer of understanding to the traditional Expressionists and places it somewhere more in the Spiritual.

And so artistic expression has become for me, the thoroughfare of truth.

Art cannot lie and its content lay beyond human judgement.

Artist Exhibitions

My Work can be seen in Thailand in the permanet collection of the Pattaya Modern Art Centre, Pattaya: 0066 (+) (0)38 25 1808...

Artist Publications

2005: New York Arts Magazine listed my work.

2006: Interviewed by Spanish National Radio.

2010: Flashart International Diary Listing....

Artist Collections

My work has been on File in The Tate Britain and the Kunst Museum in Cologne since 1987.

The permenant Collection of The Pattaya Modern Art Centre - Pattaya Thailand.

Contact: 0066 (+) (0)38 25 1808.

My work is held in many private collections World Wide.


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