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Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leòn, Mèxico, second world was starting to develop.In my origins are Spaniards, Mexicans and Italians ( My Grandfather, on my mother side, Giorgio Cessario Calvi, came from Martone, Calabria). Since childhood I was always fund of drawing.In junior high I did enjoy drawing classes given by an Architect and painter Efren Ordoñez and a few years later I took a summer course on drawing with a model and basics on painting, at Monterrey Technological Institute, the class was carried out by the Architect and Archelogyst and water colorist Wilfrido DuSolier. In the early eighties I register myself in a couple painting crash Workshops at the Brownsville Art League. While allready painting I whent to New York, to the National Academy of Design, where with another five students we received instruction on Mural painting. The course lasted five weeks. Other than this scattered instructions I have evolved as selftougth. For five years in consecutive winters I got myself a job at the Texas Southmost College in Brownsville, as an Art Instructor, giving lectures on Mexican Art, under the Elder Hostal Continuing Education Program. When I had an Art Show at the Siqueiros Polyforum Art Center in Mèxico City, with my idea of the Theather of Life,my friend and Art Critic Bruno Ruiz,who had wrote a few articles about my art work at the Excelsior Newspaper and on RM Art Magazzine, brought to the Polyforum Siqueiros the Art Critics Pionner, Don Antonio Rodriguez and after visiting my Exhibit, they mention to me that my work, should be considerer as Neo-Surrealism. Later he gave me one of his books on Jose Guadalupe Posada and wrote a nice dedication to me and did send me the most interesting Art Critic on my work. My NeoSurreal work is on Daily Life Experiences instead of on Oniric themes, as in previous Surrealism.In my work I like to explore on Masks, body segmentations, Transparent Clocks, meaning the transparency of time( You may say anything,but the time will tell), Clowns, The critic that we all have inside and is always watching,from inside a bag or cabin or siting on a window, Arlequins, Costums, Theathers and windows and in some of my work I like to do Velatures and Claro-oscuro (Chiaro-oscuro) with frecuent green on black, obtaining classic dark backgrounds. I have the idea that my work, has to express something, has to be creative, has to be entirelly original and with out models and directlly out of my mind. De la Fuente.

Artist Exhibitions

ONE MAN SHOWS 1963.-St. Boniface Hospital Auditorium,Canada. 1980.-Fonda de Andrès, Monterrey,Mex. 1980.-Auditorium Muguerza, Monterrey, Mx. 1981.-Superior School of Music and Dance. INBA. Monterrey, Mx. 1981.- Mayor Palace, Monterrey, 1982 .- Sierra Madre Racket Club,Monterrey, Mx. 1982.- La Mostra Art Gallery,Monterrey. Mx. 1983.- Brownsville Art League Museum, Texas,USA. 1983.-Convention Center at Corpus Christy,Tx.USA. 1986.-Cremi Bank, Matamoros,Tamps. Mx. 1987.-Cultural Museo(Casa De la Cultura),Matamoros Tamps. Mx. 1988.- Art Gallery Los Toldos, Monterrey,Mx. 1988.-Art Expo, N.Y. USA. 1989.-Art Expo,N.Y. USA (Jacob Javits Center). 1989.-Museo de Difusiòn Cultural, San Luis Potosì, Mx. 1990.-Poliforum Siqueiros, Mexico City. 1990.- Art School Gallery. University of Texas at Brownsville. USA. 1991.-Universidad Autònoma de Mèxico at San Antonio, Texas, USA. Parallel Event to the Exibit "Mèxico Splendors of Thirty Centuries". 1992.- Brownsville Historical Museum, Tx. USA. Television Chanel 2, Art Corridor, Monterrey, Mx. 1993.- Russel Art Gallery. Harlingen, Texas, USA. 1994. Casa Mata Museum, Matamoros, Tamps. Mx. 1995.- Pergola Art Gallery at Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mx. 1997.- Fondo de Cultura, Monterrey, Mx. 2002.- Public Library, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mx. 2003.- Un Lugar de la Mancha, Centro Cultural, Queretaro, Mx. 2003.- Inaugural Event Exibit of the Cultural Center, Matehuala S.L.P., Mx. 2003.-Angela Peralta Theather Lobby at San Miguel de Allende,Gto. Mx. 2004.-Lloyd de Mèxico at San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mx. 2008.- Casa de la Cultura. Ciudad Victoria, Tamps. Mx....

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