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Stacie is a self-taught artist from central New Jersey and has had a passion for art since childhood. It wasn’t until semi-retiring from a long successful career as an infantchild mental health therapist professor that she entered the art world. She quickly discovered the excitement and beauty of painting with ink, in particular alcohol inks on different substrates. Being told by many other artists that this type of ink was not applicable for painting caused Stacie to dig deep and push the limits of this medium and she developed a technique to paint large vibrantly colored flowers that appeared to have intricate yet shaggy details that were favorably noticed by artists and collectors alike. Eventually fellow artists and followers coined her as the painter of shaggy flowers” and many sought to learn her technique used to create the flowers and viewers sought purchase of works. Stacie continues to experiment with the many creative applications of this relatively new medium, producing a broad range of painted subject matter that to date have found great appeal to viewers and collectors. Stacies works hang in private homes and public/private institutions in the trip-state area and have sold to collectors in the states and in various parts of Europe and Australia.

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