Artist Statement -

As a painter, I am interested in touching the viewer’s spirit in a deep, long, and sensitive way. My desire to take the viewer on a transcendent trip to a place of peace, serenity and joy is the backbone of my paintings.

My passion for paper runs deep. I absolutely love working on paper surfaces. Discovering new paper and what its unique characteristics are and how it responds to watercolor or pastel, my two primary mediums, is a favorite pastime for me.

Captivated by the diversity of seascapes, from calm soothing surf to stormy seas, I bring the elements together in my watercolors and pastels using strong contrast of darks and lights. My fascination with shadows in the sand is always both a challenge and joy in my process of painting and working the paint to get just the right shade and just the right shape to tantalize the viewer and welcome them into my private world.

Artist Exhibitions

New York art expo SOLO, Jacob Javits Center, NYC, 2008

Las Vegas art expo, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, 2007

New York art expo, Jacob Javits Center, NYC, 2007

International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Trade Show, Jacob Javits Center, NYC, 2006

A Show of Hands, Moore College of Art 2005, 2006, 2007 Shows, 2000-2008

Phantom Gallery, Monthly Shows, 1999-2003

Main Line Art Center, 1986-1989, 1996-1998, 2000-2003

23rd Street Café, One Woman Show, 1999

Tyme Gallery, 1999

St. Paul World Trade Center, One Woman Show, 1994

Lori’s Coffee Shop, One Woman Show, 1994

The Bridge at Hiroshima, 1992

Maryland Institute, College, of Art, 1989-1992

Royal Scottish Academy, 1991

Malaysia Art Exchange, 1988

The Sunshine Foundation, 1987

Various Private Collections


Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Kevin Mayo, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
The Arnould Gallery, Marblehead, Massachussetts, USA
Marriott Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
London Grill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Carnation Building Services, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA
Cotter Communications, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Jeff Riddle, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Michael Treacy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Max & Denise Groff, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Terry Berch McNally, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Michael McNally, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Nicole Liberace, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Marlene Petter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Dolores Pigott, New York, New York, USA
Laura Forman, Exton, Pennsylvania, USA
Harold Best, Woodbury, New Jersey, USA
Kellie Lea Ricks, Washington Township, New Jersey, USA
Kathryn & Robert Brook, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA
Tom Cotter, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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