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EXHIBITIONS - Poster for the Sweet Fair, Pradera (Valle) - Colombia, October 1989. - Celebration of 450 years, Cartago (Valle) - Colombia, August 1990, donation of the work 'The Cradle of the Talent'. - Art Festival, Pradera (Valle) - Colombia, October 1993, collective. - Inauguration of the Cultural Room, San Juan de Dios Hospital, Cali - Colombia, March 1997, collective. - Refuge of Art, Comfenalco, Cali - Colombia, October 1999, individual. - Antiques and Art, Belle Meade, Miami (FL) - USA, June 2001, collective. - Art & Poetry, Latinamerican Museum of Art, Miami (FL) - USA, May 2003, collective. - International Show, Latinamerican Museum of Art, Miami (FL) - USA, June 2003, collective. - The Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove (FL) - USA, February 2004, individual - collective. - Inauguration of Prep Gourmet Restaurant, Key Biscayne (FL) - USA, March 2004, individual. - The Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Coconut Grove (FL) - USA, March 2005, idividual - collective. - Saint Louis Catholic Church, Convention Center, Pinecrest - Miami (FL) - USA, May 2005. - Woodgrove Furniture & Fine Art Gallery, Miami (FL) - USA, since August 2002 until the present time. - Botticelli Trattoria Restaurant, Miami (FL) - USA, since February 2006 until the present time. Medium: Oil, Foundation: Canvas....

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