Artist Statement -

My working process involves moving ideas from one medium to another. A drawing may become a print which will become a sculpture -- then the sculpture can inspire drawings which are collaged with printed backgrounds, which gives me further ideas for creating environments composed of many sculpted objects.

An important aspect of my work reflects a very direct connection I feel with animals. I am inspired by their emotional transparency and their fascination with any new object or situation: our cat who can be sleeping but becomes fully alert when anything new is brought into the apartment; the squirrel who comes to our fire escape every day to taunt our cat; the tiny sparrow who steals the large chunk of bread in mid-air as it's being thrown to a duck; the dogs that are so delighted to be out on a walk. Since the mid-nineties, I have pursued an ongoing series of drawings, paintings and prints of animals.

Some of my newest works are strappo monotypes. Strappo is a process which was developed and taught to me by artist Harold Garde. The image is created by painting with acrylics on glass, then strengthening the surface using many layers of gesso. Because the first brushstrokes you put on the glass will end up being the top surface of the print, it is quite a unique way of developing an image. When completed, the entire image is peeled off the glass using a palette knife and then transferred, using gesso to adhere it to paper.

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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