Artist Statement -

i liked what you can draw on paper
its hav ing something you like on your walls its a 1 off item not mass produce and not costing an arm and a leg be it a nude to astill life
art is not about who painted it but about the people who buy it,like it buy it, you have a choice
my birth name is sieglinda but have always used the name linda and sighed my name as linda
Im a self taught artist have been drawing since i was 15
have cover many mediums oils,watercolours, pastels,but always come back to pen&ink
have shown and sold my work around australia my prints of the kalgoorlie pubs have gone over the world
i try to sell the work not for the money not for, hay look how good i am , not to make an impact in the art world
its just for supplies so i can keep learning

i belive art should not or be dictated
to by the chosen few, because they say so ,
art should be your choice
if you like it buy it
its call free choice

Artist Exhibitions

Have shown my work in Tennent creek Northern Territory
Kalgoorlie Western Australia
Mittagong New South Wales
Did a set of 6 prints of the KALGOOLIE PUBS to which were all sold
around the world they went lol...

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