Artist Statement

I am an innovative contemporary artist, exploring unconventional images and techniques in mixed media, collage, acrylic painting, pastel and textile and surface design. I am committed to experimentation and a unique and dynamic expression of my own view of the natural environment, with unexpected color, texture and energy. Through my work, I intend to uplift and brighten the spirit of the viewer, and cause them to question their own perspective of nature and life.

My paintings exhibit a fascination with the physical properties of life and science involved in transforming our environment, such as the power of electrical storms, oceans, volcanoes, oxidation, and the process of renewal and rebirth that arises from deterioration and regeneration. Reverence for life, its phenomena and the interconnectedness of all things are the foundation of my work. Primarily, my images are abstractions and impressions of earth, sky, sea and other mysterious phenomena. However, I also continue to work in pastels, drawing, printmaking, and textile design, and I explore all types of imagery, to expand my creative insight and skills.

Artist Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions and Publications
2006 Ballona Network & Ballona Creek Renaissance,
Art Auction,
Culver City, California

2006 The Brewery Art Walk,
Los Angeles, California

2005 "Call to Arts Summit V",
International Juried Competition,
Pomona, California,
First Place Award Aesthetics and Harmony

2005 New York Independent Film/Art Festival Exhibition
Los Angeles, California Venue

2004 "Call to Arts Summit IV",
Intternational Juried Competition,
North Hollywood, California

1999 “Explorations”
Gallery Elite, Venice, California,

1998 “Art is for Everyone”
Gallery By the Sea, San Pedro, California

1997 “Life and Environment Abstracted”
Purple, Los Angeles, California

1997 Spring Group Show,
Gallery By the Sea, San Pedro, California
Abstract Contemporary First Place Award

1997 “Art is for Everyone”
Gallery By the Sea, San Pedro, California

1996 “Art is for Everyone”
Gallery By the Sea, San Pedro, California

1996 “Five Featured Artists”
Gallery By the Sea, San Pedro, California

1994 National Juried Competition,
Generation 13 Gallery, San Diego, California

1990 Contemporary Crafts Market, San Diego, California
Mixed Media and Fiber Art

Work in Print and Publications

2004 Painting "Three Peaks"
featured in CreativeLine Magazine
winter 2004/2005

2000 Painting “Undulating Blue”
featured in Independent Film, “Echoes of Enlightenment”,
Myogaku Productions

1997 “Unshakable Conviction in Faith”
Painting, "Sunflair" published on book cover
“Living Buddhism Magazine”, April issue,
Featured Artist,
(11 images featured, and work presented on both covers)

Artist Publications


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